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Cardstock Embossing Tips + Mother Bates Halloween House

Hello 12x12 Cardstock Shop Fans! Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility with another wonderful collaboration between 12x12 Cardstock Shop and Dreaming Tree. I love showing you all the wonderful things we can make with our cardstock and Dreaming Tree files.

dreaming tree mother bates halloween house project

With Halloween being only a little over a month away I decided to do last year's Mother Bates Place haunted house papercraft. I used cardstock from 12x12 Cardstock Shop for this project (and a lot of it). If you are interested in making your own Halloween papercraft house, you can find the SVG files for this project here

dreaming tree mother bates halloween house project

12x12 Cardstock Shop also carries a cardstock kit for this project where you can buy all the paper you need with one click. 


Tips for embossing cardstock

What I want to chat about today is embossing cardstock. I did a lot of embossing on this project and thought I would give you a couple of tips on embossing as I was doing them. Adding texture to your cardstock with embossing can really make a papercraft project stand out. 

embossing cardstock tips

Do you ever emboss and your embossing image tears your cardstock? My embossing folder for the shingles kept doing this since it is such a deep die. First, ONLY pass it through your embossing machine one time. Meaning, when you roll it through, do NOT roll it back. Roll it through and take it out. It helps not to essentially emboss it twice.

pixie spray adhesive

If it does tear, I have a fast and easy way to repair those tears without throwing it away.

embossing cardstock tips

I turn my embossed cardstock over and use Pixie spray. Spray it on lightly and seal the tear up. It will dry within minutes without discoloring your cardstock.

mother bates halloween house 2

Since I was doing an old house I left a bit of a "crack" in mine to resemble old siding as I inked my pieces.

how to emboss cardstock tips

You can also ink your pieces before you emboss. This will help not tear your pieces by handling them more.

embossing cardstock tips

I hope you enjoyed my embossing help. If you have further questions feel free to leave me a message or contact me on my blog.

Mother Bates House photo

This was a fun project to put together!


 design team member christi steinbeck

Here's another fun fall paper design from Christi!



    Cheryl-Please make sure to show us your Christmas version of the Bates home on our Facebook page! We would love to see it! Thank you! Christi

  • Cheryl Hendricks

    I made the Mother Bates house last year and really enjoyed it. I’m in the process of making a Christmas version of the house and am loving the way it’s turning out! I love the fact that Dreaming Tree came out with Christmas add-ons. I love 12×12 Cardstock AC brand and how sturdy it is, as well as how it looks!


    Joanie, Thank you !!!!!! I love dreaming Tree’s files also ! I am so very happy you enjoyed it! Your turn now to make it! IF you do and need some help, let me know! Christi


    Melissa- I am so glad you made it also!
    Post it on 12 X 12 Cardstockshop’s wall! We would love to see it! Thank you for the other embossing tip. I didn’t put that in there but I do that also. Great idea! Thank you for leaving a comment!


    I made the Mother Bates House with 12×12 Cardstock Shop cardstock last week! It turned out beautifully! One more tip for embossing cardstock (if it hasn’t been mentioned already) is to spray a little water on the cardstock before embossing to loosen up the fibers. Really helps prevent deterioration on those deep embossing folders!

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