Envelope Book Gift Card Holder

It's never too early to start looking for handmade holiday gift ideas, so I'm here today to share with you a clever Christmas gift idea you can make with cardstock. Handmade Christmas paper crafts are such a special way to give gifts, because the recipient knows it's made with love. 

envelope mini album tutorial

Gather your supplies and let's make an envelope book gift card holder. This is a fun way to give a set of gift cards (fast food for college students, dates for your spouse etc.) Or tuck pictures and notes from the grandkids into the pockets for grandma. There are so many ways to use this little envelope book made of red and green envelopes.

This project uses an Echo Park Collection kit, and I've set up the tutorial so that you can use ANY Echo Park or Carta Bella kit as they all have the same basic items in them. 

envelope mini album finished


How to make an envelope book gift card holder

To get started we need to construct the base of the book using envelopes. Working with one pair of envelopes at a time, lay the envelopes side by side with the flaps facing each other.

how to construct an envelope mini album

Slide the flap on the right into the envelope on the left. Now the envelopes are connected, with a loose flap on the back, and you've created two pockets. Repeat for the second set of envelopes. Note: don't glue anything at this point. You can use all one color of envelopes or choose a variety like I did here with red and green envelopes.

envelope mini album tutorial

You now have two set of envelopes that form two little books.

envelope book mini album

Close the books and you will have two loose flaps. Lay the books so the flaps are pointing towards each other. Slide the flap on the right into the envelope opening on the left (on top of the flap on the left). You should now have one book with a loose flap on the back. 

READ THIS WHOLE PARAGRAPH BEFORE YOU GLUE :) At this point, place a dab of glue BEHIND some of the envelope flaps to hold the book together, making sure you are NOT glueing the pockets you created closed. Glue should go behind envelope flaps. Make sure you understand before you place any glue down or you may glue your pockets closed (ask me how I know this).

envelope mini book cutting instructions

Next you will embellish your pages. I've created cutting directions and sketches for each page so you can use ANY Echo Park Collection Kit. These collection kits come with cut apart cards, coordinating patterned papers and stickers. Just follow along with the sketches page by page and choose your own stickers and tags from whatever collection you have. DOWNLOAD SKETCHES HERE.

how to make an envelope mini album
envelope mini book tutorial
envelope mini album book
envelope mini book album tutorial
mini album made of envelopes

To finish off the back, adhere the last flap to the back of the book with adhesive. 

envelope book pocket tags

Once you've decorated your little envelope book, cut four tags for the pockets measuring 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" each. Embellish these with stickers. 

Attach gift cards, photos, write love notes or anything else you'd like to gift to someone. 

how to make an envelope min album

Thanks for making this envelope book with me! Save the sketch and you can adapt this for any theme or occasion just by changing the paper kit you use. 

how to distress cardstock

BONUS TIP: Like the look of the "roughed up" edges to the cardstock in my book. I just ran the edge of scissors along my cardstock to get that aged look. 


michelle price design team member

Here's another cute little mini album idea!


  • Janice

    What a great little gift. Thank you so much for sharing this awesome idea. I can’t wait to get started on some for my grandkids at Christmas ( will tuck in gift cards, money, notes, etc). I just received the Christmas paper kit in the mail. 🙃

  • Karen

    Love this idea. I have made similar items by attaching envelopes, but this book is the best yet. Thank you for another way to use my extra envelopes to make a cute gift for anyone in my family,

  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Pat – Just below the sketch graphic is a link to download and print the sketches.

  • Pat

    Is there a printed version of this?

  • Roxanne

    Such an adorable idea! Perfect for the gift cards I send. Thanks for sharing

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