Travel Tag Mini Album

Travel Tag Mini Album

travel tag album

Manasa here with you today to share a super easy travel tag mini album i recently made. This project is a great way to use up cardstock scraps as you are working with a smaller canvas instead of a full scrapbook page. 

To begin, gather 8-10 pieces of cardstock that measure at least 5-7 inches, plus any embellishments you'd like to use. This is an easy paper craft project because you can embellish as much or as little as you'd like. 


American Crafts Cardstock (various colors)
travel tag album paper craft project

To begin, cut your papers to 4"x 6" and cut one top corner at an angle to create the tag shape. Do not throw away the piece you cut off, as you will use it on each additional paper as a template so all your tags line up. Simply lay the corner on the next piece of cardstock and use it to see where to cut. 

When cutting the opposite corner, flip the template over and use it on the other side. 


travel mini album idea

Repeat this process for photos too. 

making a travel mini album

Punch holes in the tags and photos one at a time using a hole punch. Again, use the first punched tag to line up all the other holes so they match.

making a mini album

Add titles to some of the tags, and any other embellishments you'd like. I used some of the printed acetate in the shop to make fun see through layering tags. 

adding journaling tags to a mini album

You can also add tags of different shapes between the layers where you can add journaling details. 

making a travel mini album

That's it! A super easy travel tag album you can make in under an hour. 


design team member manasa


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  • Michelle Price

    Such an easy and fun idea Manasa!

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