invitation envelopes for handmade cards

Envelopes for Handmade Cards

stardream envelopes for handmade cards

Imagine opening your mailbox and seeing a stack of white envelopes full of bills. BUT THEN, you see a pretty red envelope peeking out of those bills. And just like that - your mailbox is full of joy. 

Make sure your handmade cards are getting the treatment they deserve with bright colored envelopes for handmade cards. We know what cardmakers want and you'll find it all in our shop. 

When your envelope and cardstock match, you know you've really upleveled your cardmaking. We have invitation envelopes to match four of our best-selling cardstock lines plus vellum envelopes for wedding invitations or handmade cards that need a bit of elegance. 

Most of our envelopes come in both A2 and A7 size. (More about that below.)

Neenah Stardream Envelopes

Neenah Stardream Envelopes

Richly colored, pearlescent finish envelopes that match perfectly with our Stardream cardstock line. Available in 28 trendy colors, these square-flap invitation envelopes are laser jet printable and have a gorgeous mica finish that shimmers in the light. 

pop-tone envelopes

Pop-Tone Envelopes

The colors of Pop-Tone envelopes can best be described as bright pastels. Imagine an ice cream shop with pastel ice cream and vibrant sorbets. That's what you get with this line of square-flap invitation envelopes for handmade cards. A smooth finish envelope in 22 trendy colors. These colored envelopes match our Pop-Tone cardstock line perfectly. 


astrobrights cardstock envelopes

Astrobrights Envelopes

The popular Astrobrights cardstock line is now complete with this line of matching Astrobrights envelopes. These lively colored invitation envelopes will brighten up any mailbox and get your handmade cards the attention they deserve. Available in 25 bright colors, these affordable invitation envelopes are waiting to brighten craftrooms and mailboxes all across the country. 

neenah classic crest envelopes

Neenah Classic Crest Envelopes

At first glance you might see basic white and cream envelopes, but Classic Crest envelopes are so much more. These high-quality white envelopes are known for their super smooth finish and are a favorite of stampers. The Classic Crest cardstock line is known as one of the best cardstock for stamping as the unique finish gives you crisp stamped lines and no-bleed coloring with alcohol markers. The same can be achieved on your envelopes! Create matching envelopes for your handmade cards. 

vellum envelopes for wedding invitations

Vellum Envelopes

And last, but certainly not least is our line of Vellum envelopes. We love that you can see a sneak peek of the contents inside the envelope before you even open it up. These inexpensive wedding invitation envelopes add an elegant touch to formal invitations or make your handmade cards stand out. These square-flap vellum envelopes are inkjet and laser printable as well. 

best size envelopes for handmade cards

What is the best size envelopes for handmade cards? 

The answer is, it depends on your handmade card size. Here's info on the two sizes we currently offer to help you determine which envelope size is right for you. 

A2 - (4 3/8" x 5 3/4") These fit a standard handmade card size of 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". If you create your handmade cards by cutting a piece of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock in half and then folding each side in half, this is the right envelope size for you. 

A7 - (5 1/4" x 7 1/4") These larger envelopes fit a 5" x 7" size card. This is the typical size of a store greeting card or wedding invitation.

how to dress up handmade envelopes

How to Dress Up Handmade Envelopes

Design Team Member Kate shares five tips for decorating invitation envelopes. From watercolor envelopes to stamped envelopes, these ideas are sure to inspire. 

At 12x12 Cardstock Shop we try hard to have a shop full of supplies for cardmakers and envelopes for handmade cards are an important part of that. We'll be adding new envelope lines periodically, but you can always count on us to have colored envelopes for whatever you are making. 



  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Lighter weight paper is better for envelopes. Our Astrobrights line is 65# and our lightest weight solid cardstock. It’s also fun to make envelopes out of patterned paper. Just use a label sticker to write the address on.

  • Bobbi Roth

    Just wondering if there is a bit lighter weight paper to make envelopes? What do you recommend for homemade envelopes?

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