Hidden Message Slider Card Tutorial

Hidden Message Slider Card Tutorial

Hello! Susan from susanbcards here this week guest designing. When I make cards, most often I think of a card I want to make and look for a paper that will fit the idea. Sometimes, a paper is so beautiful it inspires the card. The Blue Mirri Holographic Cardstock is a deep royal color with holographic swirls that appear as it catches the light. I immediately thought of waves in the ocean. Today I have a slider card tutorial inspired by this beautiful cardstock.

Pull the white tab and the sailboat will move across the water and a message will appear. This would make a nice masculine card for a birthday or for Father’s Day.


Sailboat Slider Card Tutorial Supplies

Sailboat Slider Card Tutorial


Place the 3 wave edgers dies at the edge of each of the 3 pieces of cardstock. Be sure and use a low tack tape on the very edge of the cardstock to secure the die, or it may leave an imprint when die cutting it. Keep in mind these don’t have to be edged with waves, it will still look like water even with a straight edge.

Blend Distress Oxide Inks onto the 5"x7" front of the card for the sunset sky. It’s only necessary to ink about halfway down since the water will cover the bottom of the card. (You can use any ink colors or use solid cardstock, if desired). Adhere the 3”x7” blue holographic piece of cardstock to the bottom of the card front.

Before we can adhere the next layer of blue down, the 2.5”x7” cardstock will need a strip cut out to accommodate a foam dot to make the slider work. 

Using a craft knife and ruler, about 1 inch from the top of this piece, I cut two  parallel lines, starting at 1 inch in from the left, and stopped about 1 inch on the right, spaced about 3/8” apart. I used a scissor to snip the ends and remove it to create a rectangle cut out. The white pull tab must be wider and longer than the cutout. This cutout will be covered by the final layer of blue cardstock.

Pictured is the back of the cardstock piece with the cut out. Place the white tab sentiment piece over the cutout. Place two pieces of foam tape onto the paper, flush up against the sentiment strip, creating a channel for the strip to slide in and out of, leaving enough room for the tab to pull freely.

Draw a pencil mark to indicate the part of the tab that will stick out. This will let you know where the sentiment will need to be placed to remain hidden until pulled. Now that everything is lined up, remove the white tab. I used an anti-static bag to powder the skinny sides of the foam tape facing the strip (before removing the tape backing). This will keep the slider tab from sticking to the foam tape.

Next let's stamp our sentiment. You can see the pencil mark in the photo, this is where the tab will stick out from the card, so the sentiment will be stamped to the left of it. Put the stamped tab back into the foam tape channel you crated on the card. You should be able to see the sentiment in the cutout from the front side. Remove the foam tape backing and carefully place this on top of the first layer with the bottom edges aligned.

I diecut a sailboat and glued a small piece of scrap blue cardstock behind the boat as a tab sticking out the bottom (this one is ¾” x 1”). I cut a piece of foam tape to fit inside the slot and attached it to the bottom of the strip on the boat. Remove the backing on the foam dot. Attach it to the white tab pull on the left side of the window. The foam dot creates a "catch" so that the sentiment strip cannot slide completley out of the card. Pull the tab to ​see if it moves freely. If it doesn’t you may need a taller pop dot to create more rom.

The 3rd layer of water cardstock needs foam tape adhered to the back on 3 edges. The edge of the wave needs to stay open so the boat can move across the water, but the bottom and the sides need foam tape to create an open depth for the sailboat to slide across.  Remove the foam tape backing and adhere to the card.

Be careful to place your foam so that the cut out and tab have room to move back and forth. You can write “Pull” or draw an arrow on the part of the tab where it
sticks out. It can also be trimmed a bit if it sticks out too much. Adhere the other boats, the birds and sun to the card and you now have a fun hidden message slider card. 

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  • Phyllis Dute

    Awesome idea and so cute. Thanks

  • Jeanne Norman Sarna

    Very cool and easy to do!

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