How To Emboss Mulberry Paper

How To Emboss Mulberry Paper

Did you know you could do this with mulberry paper? It's true - you can actually emboss mulberry paper. Design Team Members Kate & Michelle have teamed up this week to bring you an idea for how to use mulberry paper that will knock your socks off. 

12x12 Cardstock Shop carries Thai Unryu mulberry paper in the shop. If you are wondering what to do with mulberry paper, keep reading. Kate has shown that you can die cut mulberry paper in the past, but today she is going to show you that you can actually emboss mulberry paper as well. 

how to emboss mulberry paper

How to Emboss Mulberry Paper

The trick to embossing mulberry paper is to get it wet. You'll want to grab a spray bottle of some sort that can mist.

Cut your mulberry paper to the finished size you would like to use, then place it in the embossing folder and mist it until it is damp.

how to emboss mulberry paper

Run the paper through your embossing machine like normal. 

Set aside to let it dry. 

how to emboss mulberry paper

The result is a beautifully embossed handmade paper! Grab all of your embossing folders and give this a try. 

how to emboss mulberry paper

Design Team Member Michelle made a few cards using a star embossed piece of Pumpkin Thai Unryu paper

handmade cards with a basketball theme

Are you ready to try this cool technique? We have 31 colors to choose from! 

-Kate & Michelle

design team member kate deignan design team member michelle price

Here's another cool idea using specialty paper!



  • Kathy

    WOW! great idea.

  • Shirl

    Really cool idea! Thank you! My next order will have Mulberry Paper in it for sure!

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