How To Make Rolled Paper Flowers

How To Make Rolled Paper Flowers

how to make handmade paper flowers

Are you a seasoned paper flower maker, or just someone who admires what others make? Rolled paper flowers are one of the most versatile types of papercraft there are. Handmade paper flowers can be used on cards, handmade party decor, paper cake toppers and gift packaging. They are simply stunning when bundled together in various shades and sizes! 

Ready to dive into the world of paper flowers? Design Team Member An Pham from The Useless Crafter shows you how make rolled paper flowers in our latest YouTube video. She's got great tips for shaping your handmade flowers and tricks for making sure they stay put together. 

rolled paper flowers


Making rolled flowers is a great way to add some extra wow to your projects. You can customize the size and colors to match your project. Here are a few tips you'll find in this video:

  • Mixing and matching papers and sizes makes for a full and interesting bouquet when you group these together. 
  • When adhering the rolled flowers, I like to use hot glue to adhere them and I place a dab on the base circle and a dab on the last rolled part to hold it all together securely. When using hot glue you can place your glue on the circle and then let the flower go a bit if you want a looser flower. 
  • If your paper is stiff and hard to shape, try using your heat tool to heat up the paper a bit and it will be more pliable and easy to shape. 
  • If you'd like a fuller flower, look for an SVG design that has extra petals included that can be added around the outside edge of the flower. My favorite is Cricut Design Space flower #mfgfb53.

Here are the Cricut Design Space files used: 

  • #m295b4e3 - These are the swirls. They are a great shape and easy to roll.
  • #m295b547 - This is a shaped flower.
  • #mfgfb53 - This is the flower with the extra petals. I'm absolutely in love with this one. 
design team member An


  • Alice King Kutz

    I also can not find Cricut Design Space file #mfgfb53. Since you say it is your favorite, could you please respond with the correct file #? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  • MW

    Can’t find any of the files on design space, are they still available?

  • Michelle

    Hi Arnell!
    It’s a Cricut Design Space file #mfgfb53
    Hope that helps!

  • Arnell VerHoef

    Hi. I saw your great video on rolled flowers. However I can not find the pattern for the flower with the extra petals. Please can I have a link for it? Thank you again for your great videos.

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