One Sheet Wonder Template - Six Card Fronts from One 12x12 Sheet

I love handmade card templates I can use again and again and I really love when I can use every single scrap of a piece of patterned paper I love. It's so satisfying. 

one sheet wonder card set

Today I've combined both with this One Sheet Wonder Template for handmade cards. You can use your favorite sheet of patterned paper and make six different card fronts. 

TIP: When choosing your patterned paper, choose something with complementary patterns, small designs and non-directional, meaning the paper can be turned any way and it will still look good. 

One Sheet Wonder Supplies

Before we get started, let's grab some supplies...

-1 sheet 12"x12" Patterned Cardstock (I used Vicki Boutin Gift of Joy

-4 white A2 (4 /1/2" x 5 1/2") card bases folded at top 

-2 pieces of white cardstock measuring 4 /1/2" x 5 1/2" (I used My Colors Snowbound)

-2 pieces of contrasting cardstock measuring 4" x 5 1/4" (I used My Colors Sandy Beach)

-5 layered tags (You can use diecuts or just make your own with scraps. I used three layers with the largest layer measuring 3" x 4 1/4"

-One Christmas Sentiment Stamp Set 

-Christmas word sentiments cut from contrasting cardstock  - Use metal dies, or open your cutting software, choose a font you like and type out some words. You can also just print these on cardstock and cut them out. (I used My Colors Imperial Red)

-Various Christmas greenery die cuts. Don't get too hung up on this, and use what you have. Cut from Cricut Design Space, use metal dies you have or stamp images and cut them out. The point is just to have a pile of greenery.

One Sheet Wonder Template

one sheet wonder cutting instructions

Use the photo above to cut your patterned paper. The black lines are cut lines and the red dash lines are score lines. 

one sheet wonder cutting directions

Now that you've got all your pieces cut, let's start assembling the handmade Christmas cards. NOTE: Don't get overwhelmed, just follow the steps one at a time. 


This card features a pocket made by folding the shorter flap up. Place a very thin strip of glue along the edges of the pocket and adhere. This pocket gets mounted on a 4" x 5 1/4" piece of contrasting paper and then onto the 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" flat white piece. The sentiment is on the tag, so this card does not need an opening card base. 

one sheet wonder cards

Stamp a sentiment on your tag and slip the tag inside the pocket. Embellish with greenery.



one sheet wonder card templates

This card uses an identical piece of paper to card 1, however, instead of making a pocket, we'll use the shorter edge to make a flap that opens and closes. Because that flap is the opening mechanism of your card, this one also gets mounted on a 4" x 5 1/4" piece of contrasting paper and then onto the 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" flat white piece. 

Attach the tag to the front flap, adhering just the left side of the tag to the left hand flap, so the tag moves with the flap when opened. Embellish with a sentiment and greenery.

one sheet wonder card templates

Place another tag on the inside flap of the card, matching up exactly to the one on the front. This gives you a place to write your message. 


one sheet wonder card template

The cut pieces for card 3 and 4 are the same. You can opt to use the same side of paper on each card, or switch the papers and mix it up. For card 3, adhere one of the patterned paper pieces along the right side of the card (turned sideways). Note that the skinnier edge will not reach the bottom of the card, but that's ok because we will cover it up with the next piece. 

The second piece is adhered to the bottom of the card as a pocket. Place thin bands of glue along the edges only and place it against the base of the card leaving the center portion open. 

Add greenery to your tag and tuck it into the pocket. Finish off with a stamped sentiment and a die cut sentiment on the front of the pocket. 


one sheet wonder card 4

This card is created in much the same way as card 3. The bottom piece is also adhered as a pocket, but the top piece is adhered fully to the card along the top. Finish off the tag with a sentiment and tuck it into the pocket, then add some greenery to the bottom right of the pocket. 


one sheet wonder christmas card

This card uses two pieces from your patterned paper, a 4"x4" square and a 3"x2" rectangle. The smaller rectangle gets folded in half and glued onto the large square as a tag.

one sheet wonder christmas card

Then the square is adhered to the center of the card. Attach some greenery to the bottom of the tag and add a cardstock sentiment (or a stamped sentiment) to the bottom of the card. Stamp a sentiment inside. 


This final card is the trickiest. Grab the long piece of patterned paper that is scored in the middle. Cut a banner V on the front bottom flap of the patterned piece. Fold at score line and you essentially have a long skinny mini card. Set that aside for a moment. 

Next, grab your base card with a top fold, then flip it upside down so that the fold is on the bottom and the opening on the top. Slide the mini card onto the top open flap of the base card and adhere the back of the skinny card to the backside of the front of the card base.

one sheet wonder instructions

You now have the front skinny patterned piece, then the front of the card base with the back of the skinny piece adhered to the backside of the card front. (Use the picture above to guide you as this is tricky to explain). 

one sheet wonder christmas cards

Add some greenery and a sentiment to the loose patterned front piece. I stamped a sentiment on the front of the card base (underneath the patterned piece) for a fun surprise. Add a tag inside to finish it off.


one sheet wonder christmas cards

There you have it! Six cards with one piece of patterned paper and not a scrap of it left. I hope you enjoyed this one sheet wonder christmas cards tutorial! 


Here's another fun Christmas paper craft tutorial by Michelle! 





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    Do you have a pdf sheet

  • Alisa Howard

    Thank you for these sketches and instructions. I was wanting to make gift card holders for Christmas and these will be great!

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