Shadow Box Halloween Cake Topper Idea

Shadow Box Halloween Cake Topper Idea

Hi cardstock fans, Naomi here from Pine & Party Co! I'm excited to share a unique cake topper idea with you today!

halloween sgadow box cake topper

This Halloween cake topper is a shadow box cake topper that turns into a shelf display after the party is over. The topper is flat on the bottom, but rather than placing it right on the cake, I used those little pizza tables that come in pizza boxes to stick the topper in the cake. You can recycle these from your takeout order, or buy them in bulk on Amazon. 

The assembly on this project is actually really easy, and it uses a free file from Dreaming Tree. I added a ghost and a bat I found in Cricut Design Space and since I wanted to make this a Halloween Birthday Topper, I also added a sentiment to it (but that is totally optional). 

SVG Files for Halloween Cake Topper:

If you are a paid Design Space Member, you can access my project here.  

supplies for a halloween cake topper

Cardstock Supplies Needed For Halloween Cake Topper:

halloween cake topper sideview

To assemble the basic structure, follow along with the assembly video at Dreaming Tree. They show you step by step how to make this. 

The pink mylar is used as the tea light window, but it also makes a great sheer background for elements you want to pop off the topper. I added a name and some bats to my design, but used the offset tool in Design Space to create an outline I cut with the mylar.

halloween cake topper tutorial back

The bats stick up off the topper, but are attached with the mylar and reinforced with some cake sticks. 

I also wanted to add a ghost behind the window, but he needed to be able to stand up. I achieved this by welding a hexagon between two ghost shapes, then pinched the top together with some glue. This makes a character that stands up. 

My goal here is to show you how you can use this Cat's Meow Tea Light Holder, and use your imagination to dress it up even more if you'd like. 

cake topper on shelf

The finished piece is a unique Halloween cake topper that is sure to be the star of the show at your Halloween party. If you've got a little one with a Halloween birthday, add their name somewhere on the topper to personalize it. 

I hope you enjoyed this project and will make it your own! 

-Naomi (Pine & Party Co)

Here's another fun Halloween Cake Topper by Naomi!

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