TREND ALERT: Non-Traditional Holiday Colors

TREND ALERT: Non-Traditional Holiday Colors

non-traditional colors holiday wreath

Take a quick browse through home decor sites and Pinterest and you'll see a pretty common trend for 2022 holiday decor - pinks, mints and all kinds of non-traditional Christmas colors are being used for trendy holiday decor. Jump on the bandwagon and use a unique color combo for some of your holiday creations!

Here's a few project ideas and color palettes from the 12x12 Cardstock Shop Design Team!

Non-Traditional Holiday Colors

Pink and Teal Color Palette for Christmas

Pink + Teal Holiday Color Palette

This gorgeous color combo was inspired by this American Crafts Patterned Paper featuring pink, teal and turquoise trees. Pick out your favorite color of pink cardstock, pair it with a few shades of turquoise cardstock and you have a winning combination. 


pink and mint for holiday decor

Rose Pink + Mint Holiday Color Palette

This beautiful combination of blush pink cardstock and mint green cardstock is a beautiful victorian vintage color combo and we've seen this one popping up everywhere. 

retro christmas color palette

Red + Teal + Gold Glitter Retro Christmas Color Palette

Watch any classic Christmas movie and you'll see this color scheme in the holiday decor of years past. To get this looks, pair turquoise cardstock, cherry red cardstock and chunky gold glitter cardstock.

non-traditional holiday colors

Teal + Olive Green Holiday Color Palette

This frosty, winter palette can transition into after Christmas cards too. Teal cardstock, turquoise cardstock and olive green cardstock paired with white cardstock has a winter wonderland feel. 

Non-traditional holiday color palette

Navy + Green with Rose Gold Accents Christmas Color Palette

The combination of navy blue cardstock and rose gold foil cardstock is a timeless and classic one, but the addition of the olive green cardstock accents gives this a fresh, trendy feel. 

Are you ready to try something different this year? Pick out one of these non-traditional holiday color combinations for a handmade card, gift tags, cake topper or home decor piece and you might just find a new favorite color combo! 

Looking for More Handmade Christmas Card Inspiration. Here's 10 ideas!

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