Watermelon Paper Party Decor + Tips For Glue Smudges

Watermelon Paper Party Decor + Tips For Glue Smudges

Hello 12x12 Cardstock Shop Fans! Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility with another fun collaboration with Dreaming Tree.

Watermelon Paper Party Decor Idea

watermelon paper party decor made with cardstock

This month I decided to use a couple of their free files so you get to see what I did with them and you can download them for free and make your own! After looking through all of the fun options, I made the Watermelon Snack Bowl and Watermelon Card. These watermelon paper craft files are not downloaded as a pair, but are separate SVG files and I thought what a cute set to pair together. I am making the watermelon cards my Memorial day BBQ invites. On the table I am going to have the little watermelon bowl with treats inside.

I just loved the summer feel of these and when I stuffed the bowl with strawberry candies it set it over the top! Just an FYI, one regular bag of the strawberry candies fit into the paper watermelon bowl. Oh, and I can't not mention that envelope. It is soooo stinking cute and the perfect finishing touch to the watermelon card!

Watermelon Paper Party Decor Supplies

watermelon paper party decor

Let's take one last look at my project. Give yourself some inspiration to put on a fun summer party this year with these cute paper party decor items, or just make the card to brighten someone's day!

How to Remove Glue Smudges on Cardstock

While I am here I want to share a tip! Have you ever had any run off glue on your projects? You know....lets say, the project I just made I was putting the seeds on and got too much glue on the back of the seed and when I put it on all this glue came gushing out.  UGH! I really hate that! There isn't much you can do but just hope it doesn't show up when it dries. BUT........There is something you can do!

how to get glue smudges off cardstock

Here is a spot of glue on my cardstock. I am going to let it dry. 

Use a white pencil eraser (only white), like these I bought at Hobby Lobby. I keep one on the end of my pokey tool.

how to get glue smudges off cardstock

Once it dries, you just gently erase away your glue. It really works! If you rub too hard you will wear your cardstock away, so just be careful.

how to get glue smudges off cardstock

Here is my cardstock without glue on it after I "erased it."

I hope that papercrafting tip was helpful!

Until Next Month,


Here's another fun fruit inspired card! 


  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Hi Maxine! The files are linked right in that first paragraph. If you click on the words Watermelon Snack Bowl and Watermelon Card it will take you right to the files.

  • Maxine

    Where is the SVG for the watermelon and card? You said you decided to use a couple of “their” free designs but I am fairly new here and don’t know who “their” is.

  • Amy

    So cute! Perfect card in time for Spring and Summer get-togethers. Awesome about the glue removal tip! Buying some white eraser asap!
    The MOST annoying/upsetting mishap involving glue (imho) is when I’ve smudged dot/double-sided tape on an acetate window. I’ve yet to be able to remove that stuff without at least clouding the acetate a bit. :( Most of the time I can hide it with a little embellishment or by even attaching something to that spot inside the shaker space, but it’s never “ideal.”
    Thank you again!

  • alice myk

    Looking for the svg file for these watermelon card, envelope &bowl. Where do I find them?

  • Colleen Hathaway

    Christi! This is so cute! <3 And a great tip for sure! Crafting gets messy sometimes! ;)
    I had no idea you were on this DT! I’ll pay more attention now ;)
    <3 Colleen

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