Adorable Lemonade Card with Vellum Accents

Adorable Lemonade Card with Vellum Accents

pink and yellow lemonade jar card

What did the lemon say to the lime?

Sour you doing?


What do you give a sick lemon?

Lemon - aid.


Ok, ok, just one more! Why did the lemon fail his driving test?

He kept peeling out.

Alright.. enough dad jokes, let's get crafty and create this Frosty Lemonade Mason Jar Card.

Supplies you'll need:

Start off by searching Cricut images for the Pink Lemonade Mason Jar SVG and Card listed above. Then type the sentiment into Design Space and choose a script font. Size all the images to your liking.​

*Note: If you do not have access to a cutting machine, you can create the same type of card with stamps or a manual die cutting machine.

paper and supplies to make a lemonade themed card

Cut the jar shape from the clear translucent vellum to give the glass more of that 'frosty, dreamy, one sip will quench your thirst' look.

You could also add a vellum layer onto the lemons in between the yellow circle and white overlay to give the lemon more of a realistic vibe.

lemonade jar made of paper

Once you've cut all of the pieces, create your own sentiment in your design software and print then cut it.

Now you're ready to roll up your sleeves and begin card assembly.​ 

For the quote, I used glue dots to give the card some dimension. You could also use glue dots for the Mason Jar too to really zest it up (see what I did there.. lol)!

Voila! Here's the finished product...

pink and yellow lemonade jar card

 I would love to see how yours turned out!



  • Shirl Lundstrom

    This is such a cute card! Thank you! Thank you for including design space image numbers!

  • Jenny

    Such a cute cut file! But I question the sentiment. Calling someone the ‘lemon to your lemonade’ is not a compliment. While it may be true in some cases, I don’t think putting it on a greeting card is wise lol!!

  • Gwen Settle

    This is such a cute card and can be used for so many events. I think this will be my next anniversary card!

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