12x12 Vinyl Christmas Scrapbook albums using 12x12 cardstock and page protectors

30 Years of Christmas Memories!

Since 1976 I have been keeping track of all my Christmas memories.  It took me until 2015 to get all those years caught up. For years, I would take pictures, collect information, scrapbook supplies and put them all in a box. Then when I had time I would work on a year at a time and sometimes even get 2 or 3 years done in a weekend.

I started out with 8.5x11 American Crafts Cardstock then moved on to 12x12 AC Cardstock for my pages. I absolutely love sitting down every Christmas season now and looking at my Albums. I love seeing my children and grandchildren looking through them and seeing pictures of themselves laughing and remembering...

It was just as much fun making them as it is reminiscing each holiday season. I kept track of where we were living, what presents we got, neighbor gifts, decorations I had, activities and traditions we did and even what we had at the family dinners.

I hope you enjoy looking at just a small collection of some of my pages and it will inspire you to make Christmas albums too! When you need supplies don't forget we carry the very first thing you need to get started, 12x12 Cardstock and Sticky Thumb adhesive.

Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!


Christmas Memory Albums gathered through the years

Sample scrapbook page of Christmas memories

Scrapbook page ideas for Christmas memories

Preserve traditions by adding memories to Christmas Scrapbook

DIY Scrapbook pages that preserve Christmas memories

Christmas albums preserve memories and are a family treasure

Christmas Memories scrapbook page on 12x12 cardstock


  • Jody Rigle

    I am new to crafting with cardstock. You have a beautiful selection and I am excited to try it. Dreaming Tree sent me to check out your site.

  • Vicki

    I love using the cardstock for ,y Crafts. Dreaming Tree sent me and told me about the cardstock and I’ve been buying ever since.

  • Sharyl Olson

    I love using this cardstock, the colors are beautiful and the quality is the best. Those albums are priceless!

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