5 Tips for Selling Your Paper Crafts

5 Tips for Selling Your Paper Crafts

strawberry themed cake topper

As we get to know our customers, we've discovered that so many of you have your own small businesses selling handcrafted paper goods. Several of our Design Team Members have their own Etsy shops as well and design and sell their crafts.

We asked Design Team Member Naomi to share a few expert tips for selling your paper crafts and running a successful Etsy shop.

"Since 2019 I've sold nearly 2,500 paper crafts. Over the years I've learned many tricks and skills to make my work stand out against the rest. Here are my top tips for selling paper crafts."

tips for successful etsy shops

1. Use quality paper.

When I started out I only used 65 lb cardstock like assortment packs from Michael's crafts. Those papers are amazing for their low cost and color selection but I've come to prefer some higher quality options. When selling paper crafts I actually think it attracts customers when they can see the texture of the paper because it highlights exactly what the product is made of and feels more authentic. Additionally, brands like American Crafts Precision Cardstock and Bazzill cut flawlessly on cutting machines.

lots of dino cake toppers in trendy colors

2. Jump in with trendy colors.

I'm a big believer that color schemes are a huge deal. For example, I make an awesome dinosaur themed cake topper that makes up at least half my sales due to the variety of color schemes I offer. I'm always adding new color schemes and phasing out old ones as trends change. You can pick up on what's trending by browsing magazines or going for a Target run to see what colors keep popping up. Matte pastel and sorbet colors are really trending right now.

layering textures on papercrafts

3. Create texture.

Just like in interior design, it is important to add texture. One of the best ways to do this with paper is to emboss it. You can also add texture with folds, creases, and glitter.

trip around the sun space themed cake topper

4. Use an assortment of finishes.

Experiment with different finishes like glitter, metallic, mirrored, embossed, and plain cardstock. Having a few different textures and finishes can help to add interest and create dimension.

stacks of paper cake topper pieces

5. Add durability with layers.

Since paper isn't the most durable of mediums, you should add durability with layers. The number one staple in my craft room is my double-sided foam adhesive. With every cake topper I make, I add layers to the back to create more stability and durability.  

So there you have it, 5 tips for selling your papercrafts from an Etsy shop owner! Do you already sell your designs? If not, perhaps you are ready to launch your own small business now! 

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  • Jeannette Riley

    Good tips, TY!

  • Michelle

    Great tips. Thank you!

  • Sandy

    I tried to sell my cards on Etsy, but there were literally 15,000 on the site. I tried free shipping etc. to no avail.

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