Ancestor Cards

I love genealogy. I love learning all about my ancestors. I think it helps all of us know who we are, when we know where we came from.

In my quest of researching my ancestors, I found I could not keep everyone's history straight or remember everyone's names. So I came up with flashcards to help me remember. They help me when I am at the different cemeteries, so I can see a picture of the person I am researching or wanting to teach my kids and grandkids about them. On one side of the card I have quick facts about the person with pictures of them, their hobbies or unique trait about them. Then on the other side I have a short history about them with the names of their children.

When I am not using the flashcards they are great to have on your coffee table, or in a cabinet close by to share with family when the occasion arises. People especially kids are so excited when they can instantly see pictures and facts quickly. Hand someone a pile of papers and they know they need a good time and place to read them and might not ever get to them for years. 

With these cards you are instantly engaged in that ancestor. 

Below: Front side of Ancestor card with pictures and quick facts

Back side: A brief history of the person. 


I have made flashcards for my maternal side as well as my paternal side going back at least 4 generations. Everyone who has seen these or has seen me use them at the cemetery just LOVE them.

They are simple to make once you gather the pictures and write the short histories. It does take time if you don't have all the info already, I'm not going to lie.  If you already have it all sitting at your fingertips, you are set!

Once you have all the info making the cards are just like making cards or making a scrapbook page. 

If you don't want to make them as fancy as I made mine you can make a simple version as in the example below.

 A friend of mine made hers very plain and simple. Do what is right for you. I being a scrapbooker am very visual and artistic so mine are that way. She is crafty but just wanted to do something more simple and quick.

I wanted the Flashcards to look cute in a basket on my coffee table or wherever so I added the ribbon. Once again this is optional. I made some for gifts also and I thought it made them extra special.

I even made a little set of flashcards for the grandkids so they can know their cousins who live in another state with the same concept.


  • What a clever idea! I use my scrapbooks for this same thing, but this sure would save wear and tear!

  • What a clever idea! I use my scrapbooks for this same thing, but this sure would save wear and tear!

  • I just love these Lynnette! I am going to make them for my kids and sisters for Christmas. Thx for the great idea!

    DeAnn Covington

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