Easy Card Making Template Makes 4 Cards at Once

Easy Card Making Template Makes 4 Cards at Once

Four cards at one time? This card making template is great for any season or reason. It's so versatile-you can change the colors, change the placement of the focal point, stamp or emboss the 4 angled panels...so many possibilities! It's an easy handmade card idea you'll use again and again. 

Let me share this easy idea for handmade cards with you...

Easy Card Making Template

1-Use a rectangle die or your paper trimmer to cut 4 different colors of cardstock. Kate used Rectangle Infinity dies from Hero Arts that measured 3 3/4" x 5", but any size will work.

2-For this next step, cut two panels at one time (if you can cut all four at the same time, even better!) Bazzill Card Shoppe is a heavier weight cardstock, so Kate found it easier to trim two panels at a time. Cut the panels in half along the 5" side at 2 1/2". Next, cut these halved panels on the diagonal (opposite corner to opposite corner) Keep in mind the direction of the angle. You will be cutting two halves in one direction and the other two halves in the opposite angle (see photo). Do your best to get exact measurements.

3-Now, rearrange the colors so that each new (full sized) rectangle has one of each of the colors.

4-You can move the focal point to either the right or the left side, or turn the card to make it a landscape card. You could even use patterned paper! Once the new rectangle is assembled, you could even stamp on it or emboss it.

It's as easy as that to follow this handmade card template. Now you can get busy embellishing. Kate made several different versions! 

Fall Card Supplies:
easy card template snow
Winter Card Supplies:

easy spring card template

Flower Card Supplies:

handmade birthday card

Birthday Card Supplies:

The coordinated card sets also make great handmade gifts. Just tie them up with a ribbon! 


designer Kate Deignan

Here's another cut and switch card template you'll love!


  • Carolyn

    Love the idea, this will be easy to transfer into Cricut Design Space. Love the versatility of the design, plan to make a stash of thank you cards using this design. Thanks for sharing

  • Gayle Wilson

    What a cute idea! Can be used over an over with different colors/themes! Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  • Gwen

    What a great and easy way to make 4 cards quick!! Love this idea!

  • Cindy

    Great layout! Thanks.

  • Divya

    This is such a cool idea. I am gonna use this to mass produce some of my Christmas cards

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