Fall 2021 12x12 Cardstock Shop Design Team

Fall 2021 12x12 Cardstock Shop Design Team


12x12 cardstock shop fall 2021 design team

We're so excited to announce the Fall 2021 12x12 Cardstock Shop Design Team! These talented ladies will be crafting up a storm and inspiring you for the next six months! If you'd like to follow their individual crafty accounts, you can find links below! 


Design team member An

An's Instagram
An's YouTube


April Gonzalez

April's Instagram


design team member carrie birch

Carrie's Instagram


design team member Christi

Christi's Instagram
Christi's Blog


design team member kate

Kate's Instagram


design team member kathleen eifert

Kathleen's Instagram


design team member Manasa

Manasa's Instagram
Manasa's YouTube


design team member Michelle

Michelle's Instagram
Michelle's Blog


design team member Naomi

Naomi's Instagram


design team member tara

Tara's Instagram

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