Father's Day Card

Father's Day Card

Hello 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop Fans!  Christi here from Scrapping For Tranquility! I am here today to share a tutorial on a Father's Day card I put together.  I hope you enjoy it and maybe you can gain some inspiration for that father figure in your life!  

father's day handmade card

Here is the finished card we are going to make today.  It is a pair of overalls with a flannel shirt.  Although you can use any pattern paper to make a shirt with.  This just reminded me of my dad.  When picking your shirt paper, keep your dad in mind and pick what will suit him. 
I started with what I use for skin tones and that is the 12 x 12 American Crafts Latte. I LOVE Latte for skin tones for with the right ink, you can make it a light skin tone or a darker skin tone.  I personally use Colorbox, Chalk, ink, Cat-eyes,  Creamy Brown.  
father's day card

Using a paper trimmer, cut your skin tone down to 7" X 10 " piece.

fathers day handmade card

Score on the 10" side at 5".  Now here is where a lot of folks make a mistake, they want to fold into the score valley.  That makes your card stock peel and tear, at the fold.  Instead, you want to score and fold TOWARDS the MOUNTAIN of the score and use your bone folder to burnish your score line down securely.

fathers day handmade card tutorial

Cut a piece of Denim card stock or paper to 5" X 7" .This is the back side of my denim.

how to make a fathers day card

Cut 2, 1" wide by 4" long stripes for the straps of the overhauls and set aside for later.


Cut a rectangle for the pocket of the overhauls in the denim paper/card stock at 2 1/2 " X  3".  Set aside.


Using a self healing mat and any kind of sharp pick, (I use a quilling pick I bought from Hobby Lobby.) prick holes for faux stitching around the edges of the overhauls, pocket and straps.  I tried to keep my holes at around 1/8 " apart.   Using a deep blue or any color that matches your "fabric" paper , use a gel pen to dot the holes you made in the paper to highlight them.  To finish the stitching take a white gel pen and connect all the dots together like stitches.  (See pictures that follow.)

creating a pocket for a paper shirt

Back to the pocket, on the 2 1/2 " side cut the bottom 2 corners at an angle where you are cutting off triangles.  Make sure to use a ruler so these are straight. (please note the stitching in this photo.)  I found at this point, it was easiest to stamp my sentiment on the pocket.  I used Momento Luxe, Wedding Dress, White to stamp my sentiment for on the denim, it seemed to show up the best.

making a father's day overall card

Cut a 3 1/4" X  5" piece of pattern card stock for a shirt. This here is a plaid from the Echo Park LumberJack Collection.  Make a small cut at 2 1/2 " from each side of the 5 " side.  This will be the neck of your shirt.  Fold the slits back into triangles.  

father's day shirt card

If the other side of your card stock is a different print than your shirt side, cut two triangles to fit the folds and glue them onto the slits as shown.

Glue shirt down with double sided tape, making sure to line the top of the shirt with the top of your skin base.
father's day handmade card
 Tape down the overhauls making sure to line them up at the bottom of the skin tone base.  Add your pocket with a small amount of glue around the inside of the pocket making sure not to glue the top of the pocket closed.  This is where you want to also line up your straps from the corner of your overhauls top to each corner of the card.  Cut any excess off the straps that needs to be.  You can use large gold brads to set off the strap "buttons" or if you were like me and were out of large Gold brads, I used large sparkly gold dots for my buttons.
handmade father's day card
 I made my screw driver , wrench and hammer from SVG files from Cuddly Cute Designs.  Glued them into the top of my pocket.  The cardstock colors I used for the tools I will list in my supply list. This is my completed card.
12 X 12 Cardstock Shop Supplies Used:
I hope you really enjoyed this tutorial and learned something new and will apply this to your cardmaking.  Let me know if you use it and share with us!



  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Hi Robin! That should read 3 1/4" X 5". I’ll make that change in the post.

  • Robin Quidor

    Cut the shirt 31/4 inches? I dont understand.

  • Loretta Barfield

    Hey Christi. I did visit your card. It’s lovely.

  • Terri Marcus

    LOVE this card. Where did the denim paper come from? I have not seen before. TIA

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