How Clean Adhesive Off Foil Cardstock + A Valentine Project

How Clean Adhesive Off Foil Cardstock + A Valentine Project

Christi from Scrapping for Tranquility coming to you with another collaboration between 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop and Dreaming Tree.

dreaming tree loveland bundle

This month, with Valentine’s Day fast approaching, I decided to make a couple of pieces from Dreaming Tree's Loveland Bundle. I made the Loveland Royale Carriage and the Loveland Cottage. Both these are very elegant but fun at the same time. 

Dreaming Tree Loveland bundle SVG files


Dreaming Tree Loveland Bundle Valentine SVG

With these being so whimsical, I am going to give them to my daughter to display in my granddaughter’s very first “alone bedroom.” They just bought a new house and I thought this would be just darling in her room.

how to clean smudged foil cardtsock

How to Clean Adhesive off Foil Cardstock

These pieces had a lot of foil pieces involved in the making of them. I love the look of foil, but working with foil and adhesive can be tricky. I wanted to share a little information on how I keep my foil looking clean and fingerprint free. There are two main ways I clean smudges off my foil; By using a baby wipe or by using a stamp shammy. You'll also need to grab a dry rag of some sort ( I just use an old washcloth).

cleaning off foil with a baby wipe

How to Clean Smudged Foil Cardstock With a Baby Wipe

If I am going to use a baby wipe, I get it out of the package right at the beginning of my project and let it sit to start drying out. You don’t want it to be overly saturated to wipe your foil paper or it will warp your paper, rip your paper or take the foil off the paper. I wait until I am all done with my project and I then go back in and see if I have any spots on my foil from glue or fingerprints etc. I take the barely damp baby wipe and quickly dab the spot and then have my dry cloth handy to quickly dab the spot dry. You do NOT want to rub it or it could still take the color from your foil paper. Dabbing it dry leaves it like brand new.

how to clean adhesive off foil cardstock

Of course, you will still have any scratches that may have been on your foil paper but not any spots that were man made.

cleaning smudges off foil cardstock

How to Clean Smudged Foil Cardstock With a Stamp Shammy

The second way to remove adhesive and smudges from foil cardtsock is with a stamp shammy. You basically do the exact same thing as the baby wipe. When you wet it, you wring it out as much as you can and let it sit to dry while you are making your project. When you are finished with your project, you inspect for spots that need to be removed from the foil paper and do as you do with the baby wipe, you dab it clean with the stamp shammy and dab it dry with the dry cloth. Again, it leaves it perfect except for any scratches that may have been on the foil paper previously.

valentine paper craft project

These are two methods I use to keep my foil paper looking brand new and I hope that it will bring some life into your foil paper also. Leave me a comment and let me know of any other ways you get adhesive off foil paper or if you have questions or comments about my project. I would love to hear from you!

Until next time, DT Christi.

christi steinbeck

Here's another fun creation by Christi! 


  • Andrea Morgan

    Where can I get the patterns for these wonderful creations? Thanks, Andrea

  • Jerrie Davies

    Thank you for that tip. I will use that when I make the carriage.

  • Kathrine

    This is a fabulously creative and beautiful design!!!

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