Light-Up DIY Christmas Gift Tag

Light-Up DIY Christmas Gift Tag

light up DIY christmas tag tutorial

One of my favorite things about Christmas is decorating the gifts. And, to be honest, I am super envious of people who can make giant bows to top their gifts! That’s why I’d like to share this DIY Christmas tag project that is sure to impress. No need to be envious, just follow these quick instructions and take your gifting game up a notch. 

diy shaker christmas tag tutorial


light up Christmas tag

To create the shaker part, follow the layering instructions above. Create a barrier with foam tape on each layer of the shaker so that your beads will stay in place. Make sure your foam adhesive creates a tight seal on the Christmas light outlines so beads won't escape. Stack them up for at least 3 layers.

diy christmas gift tag

Next, fill the shaker with whatever you like! I used an assortment of colored foam balls and gold beads. Once you’re satisfied with your mixture, layer the mylar cut-out on top and glue it in place. The final thin outline piece acts as the top of th4e shaker.

I also chose to personalize the gift tag with my daughters name using holographic vinyl.

DIY Christmas Tag Tutorial

Finally, flip your gift tag over and cut a circle into the back. Be careful not to let your shaker contents spill out.

attaching a mini light to a diy christmas gift tag

Place your light on the back and use hot glue to adhere it in place. Be generous with the hot glue and make sure it is sealing any gaps.

light up shaker DIY Christmas Tag Tutorial

Attach a ribbon to the back, if you choose to, and you’re done!

Share your versions of this project on Instagram and tag me @pineandpartyco and @12x12cardstock


Design Team Member Naomi Krush


  • Michelle Price

    For those having trouble finding the file, open Design Space and search #M2FAEE (including the #) and it should come right up.

  • Tanya

    Haven’t found the How To or SVG file. Any hints or links that would help?

  • Mary Jo

    This is so cute, Naomi! Am going out to get the supplies this weekend. Hope they go together easily. I want to make one for each grandchild, daughters, and daughter-in-law = 10.

  • Michelle Price

    Donna- I just sent you an email to try and help.



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