Birthday card with custom gold foiling made with the Foil Quill™

Make a Custom Foiled Birthday Card with the Foil Quill

Hello! I’m Aly Dosdall, crafter, spokesperson and social media influencer. I’m so excited to be here to share the hottest tool in the craft industry with you, the award-winning Foil Quill by We R Memory Keepers. The Foil Quill works like a sketch pen does in your electronic cutting machine (Silhouette, Cricut, Brother, or Sizzix) to draw in foil on your material (paper, leather, vinyl, acetate, fabric, wood, etc). There are 6 different Foil Quill USB Design Drives available with 200 PNG and SVG files on each that you can use with your Foil Quill. You can also use your own library of SVG files, fonts, and single line sketch files which means you can customize or personalize your foil projects. So cool! Let me show you how it works as I make a DIY foiled birthday card.

Birthday Girl DIY birthday card created with the Foil Quill™

Step 1. Plug your Foil Quill pen into a USB power source. You can use a battery pack for charging smart phones, a laptop, a tablet or a wall adapter. You’ll see a light on the Quill when it’s receiving power (I’m using the Standard size tip, but a Fine tip and a Bold tip are also available either in the All In One Kit or sold separately). Let your Quill heat up for about 10 minutes.

The Foil Quill™ system works with popular home electronic cutting machines like Silhouette and Cricut

Step 2. Insert the Quill into the appropriate adapter sleeve for your cutting machine (A=Silhouette, B=Brother, C=Cricut, D=Sizzix).

Step 3. Place the Quill in the carriage where your blade would go. (Some machines have a sketch pen holder which you can use as well, just be sure you have selected the proper tool in your software before foiling.)

Step 4. Be sure the cord is out of the way so it doesn’t get tangled as your machine is foiling.

Open an SVG file or use the font tool in your software to type your desired message. The best files for foiling are single line sketch files, and I’m using one from the Foil Quill Holiday USB Design Drive. Once you’ve resized your image and placed it where you want on your virtual cutting mat, it’s important to make sure you change the settings in your software so they work for sketching like you would with a pen. I’m using Silhouette Studio Designer Edition software with my Cameo 3 machine.

Birthday Girl SVG sketch file shown on virtual cutting board and recommended settings for Cameo 3 cutting machine

Your settings should be exactly as shown in the photo above if you’re using the same software and machine. If not, I highly recommend joining the Facebook Group “WRMK Foil Quill for Everyone”. There are lots of tutorials, tips, and other crafters who can help you no matter what type of cutting machine you have.

Now you need to prepare your cutting mat. Place your material down on your cutting mat, then place your foil over the material with the shiny side facing you. You can use the placement tape that comes with the Foil Quill Pens to hold your foil in place, or the Foil Quill Magnetic Mat works great too!

Foil Quill process demonstrated by placing cardstock on cutting board, then foil held in position with placement tape.

Load your mat into your machine and watch the magic happen!

Foil Quill in action - heat activated foil is sketched using heated pens in Cameo 3 cutting machine

Gently peel away the foil from your material and say “WOW!” Pretty amazing, right?

Foil is peeled away after Cameo cutting machine creates Birthday Girl design on cardstock using Foil Quill

Once I finished with the foiling, I mounted my cardstock on a contrasting card and added some decorative washi tape and a sequin sticker. I like to keep the other elements of my projects fairly simple so the foiling can really shine!

Birthday Girl card created with Foil Quill™ on American Crafts cardstock and foiled with Cameo 3 cutting machine

Thanks again for stopping by, and happy foiling!


  • Lynette Southwick

    Wanda, you asked about the Foil Quill cost. There’s an All-In-One-Kit which is a fun way to start. You can also buy pens, accessories, and different types of foil. Check out all the Foil Quill items, and prices, at https://www.12×

  • Lorrie Stastny

    Love this. Really good to see how it is done. All new for me.

  • Wanda Fitzsimmons

    Can you send me the cost? I’m in loving this tool.

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