Paper Easter Basket Made With Cricut

Paper Easter Basket Made With Cricut

paper easter basket cut with cricut

Wow! How are we already preparing for Easter? These holidays come so quickly, that it’s almost difficult to keep up!

For this blog post, I found a very cute paper Easter basket template on Cricut Design Space that is the perfect blank canvas to add extra details to and make it your own.

paper easter basket supplies

Here are the materials you’ll need for this project:

Before we get to the step by step instructions, I want to note that even though we are using heavy weight cardstock, this basket will probably not hold up to an intense Easter egg hunt adventure! Personally, I picture this being used at the kids table in place of a name card.

Alright, let's get started. If you’d like to make a basket the same size as the one pictured, adjust the basket file’s measurements to 14.692” wide x 16.134” tall. Remember to load your scoring stylus or wheel into your machine and hit that go button! If you don't have a Cricut, there are lots of online templates for Easter baskets as well. 

paper easter basket cut with Cricut

The next steps are simple, as all you have left to do once your basket pieces have been cut is to fold the scored lines and glue the tabs to each side. Then, fold your bottom pieces in to close the basket and move on to placing the handle ends through the slits at the top.

paper easter basket cut on Bazzill paper

To personalize my basket, I added a name plaque to the front, as well as a little “Easter Greetings” tag to the handle. I filled my basket with “Easter grass” from the craft store, but if you have scrap pieces of paper and a shredder, I’d recommend making your own paper grass! Don’t forget those eggs filled with sweet treats, stickers, or even money! Watch your kiddos faces light up to see what you have created just for them!

paper easter basket cut on Bazzill Robin's Egg

I hope you all found this project fun and will give it a go this Easter holiday! Wouldn’t this be a great craft activity for your kiddos to do, too? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thank you and happy crafting!


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  • Jackie

    I can’t find M331DD either. No matter how I type it either in projects or images it gives zero results. Too bad as it’s such a cute basket.

  • Becky

    If you open a new project screen and search in images by the #M331DD you will find it.

  • Pam Garrett

    It is a beautiful basket but I cannot find that file either. Do I look under Templates, Projects, Images, or Shapes? Which Maker?

  • Keyla

    The baskets are divine, you are sharing the cutting file

  • jean marmo

    Super cute!

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