Patriotic Tealight Holder

Patriotic Tealight Holder

Hello 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop Fans!  This is Christi from Scrapping For Tranquility  I wanted to stop in a share a tutorial for a Patriotic Tealight Candle Holder I made for the 4th of July.  They were the centerpieces on my picnic tables outside, and boy, they were a huge hit!

I got to thinking, if I had so many that liked them at my party, maybe you all would like to see how I made them and tuck it away for your next patriotic holiday. I set out to make one more to to show you what I did.

patriotic tea light holder made of cardstock


Starting out, Cut out all your pieces either by hand or by electric cutting machine.  I used my Cameo 3.

First off, this is a lovely SVG file from Dreaming Tree.  Please take the time to sign up for their newsletter, it will let you know about all the new releases and contests. I just love all their files and buy a lot of them. I truly appreciate the free files also and use them quite often. You can get this one here: Patriotic Tealight.

Starting out, Cut out all your pieces either by hand or by electric cutting machine.  I used my Cameo 3.

making a fourth of july centerpiece out of paper
patriotic tea light holder assembly
I ink all my pieces to stand out a bit more. My inks of choice is the Catherine Pooler inks.
how to assemble a dreaming tree files

Taking American Crafts Crimson Red shield pieces, glue the to the back of the Crimson Red pieces.

Using the Bazzill- Metallic-Gold-Mirror-Foil shield outline, glue that on top of the crimson red shield.
tea light holder
Finishing the shields, glue the American Crafts Denim topper over the the top of the stars.  Make sure to line it up with the stars on the red shield.
adhering a tea light holder
Starting at the base, using the large crimson red piece, fold up and in towards the center, on the dotted score lines. Starting on the NON-hinged side, glue one tab to the next row, hold till glue is dry.  tea light holder assembly from dreaming tree
Do the same with the next tab as you did with the previous tab.
Move to the back where the hinge is and glue the tabs the same way way as the front. 

assembling a patriotic paper lantern

Once you have your tabs glued, make sure to fold in at the crease and generously apply glue to all top tabs.  You then want to lay the top flap down onto the three glued tabs starting from the hinged side, which should be squared, slowly working your way to the non-hinged side making sure everything squares up.

dreaming tree patriotic lantern

We then want to put our four shields we built onto the blue base we put together.  Lay the base flat as shown above. Put glue on the back of the shield avoiding the vellum areas that you see through.


Line the point of the shield with the point of the blue base and carefully glue shield down.  Repeat this three more times.

assembling a 4th of july lantern

Put glue on the back of your extra plain square.  You will be putting this inside the candle holder for extra support and as the bottom of the candle holder.   

You can use your fingers or anything that won't ruin your cardstock. I use a ruler to help hold this down in the bottom and gently burnish it to the bottom of the holder.

tea light holder

I then put glue on the bottom of my blue base holder so I can gently  glue it to my red base that we made earlier.  Eyeing it very carefully to make sure I have it even on all sides.  Again, you can use your fingers or a ruler or anything that would gently help you hold these together and burnish them till they are dry and held together.

Here is your finished candle holder.  I tucked flameless tea lights inside. They make lovely centerpieces.

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and please visit 12 X 12 Cardstock Shop for all your Cardstock needs.




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