Pumpkin Shaker Card Tutorial

Pumpkin Shaker Card Tutorial

handmade pumpkin shaker card

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, spooky or not! I decided to share with you today a pumpkin shaker card tutorial. The concepts I'll share today can really be applied to ANY type of shaker card, so if pumpkins aren't your jam, change out the design, but follow along for the assembly of a shaker card. 


1. Let's get started! The first step is to choose a pumpkin cut out that has an open center. You can find these in Cricut Design Store, Silhouette Studio, Etsy, or companies who carry metal dies. Again, does not have to be a pumpkin, this can apply to any shape.  Cut out your shape, making sure the completed cut out is smaller that about 4.25" wide and tall. 

2. Cut your card base 4.5" wide and 9" tall, folding in half at the middle.

3. Open the card front and lay it flat with the inside of the card face up. We are now going to trace your shape on the inside of the front flap of the card. Lay your diecut down and lightly trace the INSIDE of the shape. So for instance on this pumpkin, I'm tracing the inside of the thick line. This particular design is a bit trickier since there are middle lines in the window too, but generally you can just easily trace the inside of the die cut. Use scissors or an exacto knife to now cut out that traced shape so you have a window on the front of your card. 

pumpkin shaker card tutorial

4. Place a thin line of glue on the front of the card around the cut out window on the front of the card. Get it as close to the edge as possible. A fine tip liquid adhesive like Bearly Art works great for this. Attach your pumpkin die cut to the front of the card along this glue line, making sure to line up the windows. 

pumpkin shaker card tutorial

5. Open the card and lay it flat with the inside of the card facing up, Apply a thin line of glue around the edge of the window cut out. This is where you will adhere the acetate. Again, this is on the inside of the card front.

6. Adhere your piece of acetate to the inside of the card. The glue tends to smoosh out a bit when you press the acetate down, but don’t worry, most glue dries clear.

pumpkin shaker card tutorial

7. Peel one side of the paper backing on the foam adhesive strips off. Place the foam adhesive sticky side down around the pumpkin window cut out. It’s important to have the edges of the foam tape nice and tightly together where they join up, so your shaker bits can’t get out. Leave the paper protector on the top of the foam tape so that it is not yet sticky on the exposed edge.

8. Pour shaker contents into the box created by the foam tape.

pumpkin shaker card tutorial

9. CAREFULLY peel the exposed paper backing off the foam tape. Try not to jostle the card so that your shaker bits don’t escape or get knocked onto the foam tape adhesive.

pumpkin shaker card tutorial

10. Apply your 4.5” x 4.5” cardstock or patterned paper backing piece onto the foam tape, pressing down carefully to make sure every edge is sealed. This is important to keep your shaker intact. The patterned paper backing makes the inside look nice and clean as well.

pumpkin shaker card tutorial

Shake, Shake, Shake that shaker! 

pumpkin shaker tutorial

I hope that helped you get a clear picture of how to make a shaker card. I like to add seed beads, sequins, glitter and anything else small and shiny! These cards pack a major punch, but are fairly flat for mailing! 


Design Team Member Michelle Price


  • Michelle

    Hi LadyDi!
    Where are you getting stuck? Is there something specific we can answer for you. I’d be happy to clarify any of the instructions and would love to know how we can make this better for everyone if something is missing.

  • LadyDi

    Cute card; however by far the absolute WORST set of “directions” I have ever encountered.

  • Michelle Price

    Hi Maria!
    I’m sorry but I don’t know the name of the font.

  • Maria Leon

    I know I can use any font, but I would like to know the name of the font used for the “Boo”. Thanks!


    I want to get the svg for the pumpkin shaker please. I love it.

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