Mother's Day Shadow Box Card Tutorial

Mother's Day Shadow Box Card Tutorial

shadow box card

Chances are your mom is someone pretty special, so she deserves an extra special Mother's Day card. Today I'm going to share with you a Shadow Box Card Tutorial that you can customize for Mother's Day. Once you have the basic design down, you'll be able to make custom shadow box cards for every occasion. 

shadow box template supplies


NOTE: If you own a Silhouette or Cricut machine, download the free Shadow Box Card SVG template from Design Team Member Michelle here

shadow box card score lines

1. If you are creating this manually, let's start by creating the base of the card. Cut (2) rectangles 4.5" x 6.75" and (1) rectangle 4.5" x 5.75". The smaller rectangle is the center layer of the card and the two larger rectangles are the front and back. 

2. From the center (smaller) rectangle, cut a circle approx 3" in diameter, making sure you are centering the circle before cutting. Create score lines .5" from each of the short sides.

3. From one of the larger rectangles, cut a circle slightly larger (approx 3.5" in diameter), again making sure to center the circle. Create score lines .5" and 1" in from each of the short sides. This is now the front piece of the card. Add the same .5" and 1" score lines to the other larger piece that will become the back.

shadow box card assembly

4. Adhere your paper flowers to the inside of the back of the card. With the flowers facing up, fold the flap at the 1" score line inward towards the flowers, then accordion fold the .5" flap the other way. Repeat for both sides. 

butterflies on shadow box card

5. Adhere the craft plastic strips to the back of the middle piece at an angle, then attach your butterflies fluttering in the corner of the circle. With the butterflies facing you, fold the .5" flaps created by the score lines away from the front. Place glue on both of those flaps and then nestle the edge flaps into the innermost fold of the back piece ( see photo below). 

shadow box card assembly
paper fringe grass

6. Fringe cut the top piece of the green rectangle and then adhere that to the back of the circle on the front card piece. Add your "mom" sentiment to the front bottom of the circle and add any embellishments. 

shadow box card assembly

7. Finally adhere the outermost flaps on the back piece and the front piece to create the card edges (see photo). If you carefully shift the card to one side and press down, the card actually folds flat for mailing. 

shadow box card tutorial

Hope this was fun! After the first one, you'll find all kinds of reasons to make more! 


design team member Michelle



  • Pam

    Beautiful shadow box card. Please recognize that we can’t make a card similar to the one you demo. We ALL do not have the template for your ‘Mom’ sentiment or your butterflies and flowers. Those are what make your card attractive! Please do not suggest that we run out and buy more dies either. We don’t need more dies that we use once and then set on the shelf to collect dust. Perhaps you get the dies free, but your readers do not. Please supply links to purchase the paper and cut everything we need to make your card. We craft these things because, hopefully, that is less expensive than buying them from the store. I know 12×12 is in the business of selling paper, and not dies…so provide the links to download the SVGs and PDF’s (for those without cutters) to complete your card. Most paper sites offer instructions for beautiful cards that are incomplete (like this). This practice is VERY DISSAPPOINTING. Please do better for your customers, and in return we will purchase more of your paper. I offer my most heartfelt thank you for your beautiful work, but help us also to find some value in it.
    I may be in the minority, but your secondary cards (the ‘Mom’ and ‘Dad’ cards) are not as attractive (my opinion), and the SVGs you offered for those are, regretfully, not worth taking up my disk space. They don’t make up for the lack of proper templates to make your initial shadow box.
    Thank you for your consideration.

  • Chris Pecherzewski

    Great card tut

  • Cindy

    Great tutorial! This is such a fun and clever card. Thank you for the Cricut SVG and the clear instructions.

  • Carol Calfee

    You did a great job! Thank you for all of the details and sharing your design. I can see this design being used for a variety of things. I might make one for Father’s Day (for my husband), change the name to Papa, and fill it with toilet paper (tee hee)! I hope you are having a sunshine day!! Carol

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