Simple Valentine Pizza Gift Card Box

Simple Valentine Pizza Gift Card Box

When my kids were little I started the tradition of leaving them a Valentine gift on the kitchen table for them to find Valentine's morning. One of my favorite parts of that is a few cheesy gifts or a funny card. My kids are older now (one is in college) but I still want to carry on the tradition. I created this Valentine Pizza Card to send to my daughter and I want to share it with you today.

heart shaped valentine box

Best of all, this is a paper craft project you can make with no special tools. It's a simple valentine DIY that will get your creativity flowing as you figure out ways to replicate pizza toppings with paper. 

Let's get started!

Pizza Valentine Card Supplies

Pizza Valentine Card Tutorial

cutting instructions for a paper pizza box

1. To begin, let's make the pizza box. Cut the Almond Cream cardstock to 9.5" x 5.25". Score all the way around the edge at 1/2". Finally, turning the paper so the long way is horizontal, score at 4 3/4" and at 5 1/4". 

how to make a paper pizza box tutorial

 2. Next, we need to cut some of these score lines so the paper can be made into a box. With the paper turned to match the above photo, clip each of the small score lines along the top and the bottom. Refer to the picture for where to cut. 

how to make a paper pizza box tutorial

3. Fold inward along all score lines to start to form a box. To create the box shape, choose one side to be the bottom of the box. On the bottom you adhere all four small tabs inside the longer scored pieces. This forms a small tray or box for the bottom of the pizza box. For the top of the box, follow the same process adhering the two remaining tabs inside the longer scored pieces. 

cutting a heart shape from paper

4. Now let's work on the pizza. Cut a piece of scrap paper to 4 1/4" x 4. Fold this is half and cut a heart shape out of it, trying to get as close to the edges of the paper when cutting (and thus making the biggest heart you can). 

tracing a heart shape to make a heart shaped paper pizza

5. Trace this heart onto the back side of the dough colored cardstock (Winter Wheat) to make your pizza crust. Cut out your pizza crust heart. 

making a paper heart shaped pizza

6. Next let's make the sauce. Fold that same heart template in half and cut along the edge to make the heart even smaller. Sauce isn't uniform, so try and make your heart just a bit wonky. 

7. Trace your wonky heart onto the backside of your sauce colored cardstock (All American Red). Cut out your sauce and adhere it to the heart shaped dough. 

8. Again, cut your heart template down to a smaller size, to resemble the cheese. Cheese is wonky too, so cut unevenly. Trace your heart template onto the cheese colored cardstock (Vanilla Ice Cream). Cut out your cheese heart and adhere that to your heart shaped pizza. 

how to make a paper pizza valentine

9. Next cut a strip of cardstock as thin as you can from the cheese colored cardstock. Snip small pieces off to resemble cheese shreds and adhere those to the pizza. 

tracing small circles for paper pizza tutorial

10. Use a circle punch (or find a small circle object to trace) and cut approx 3/4" circles for your pepperoni. You'll need 6 or 7 pepperoni. Cut these from a darker red cardstock than the sauce (Red Wine). 

black textured cardstock with hole punches

11. To make olives, use punch holes in a piece of black cardstock (Jet Black) using a standard hole punch. Next using small scissors, cut around the hole punch to make small sliced olives. 

What other toppings can you dream up? Use triangles for pineapple, larger pink circles for canadian bacon, wonky brown circles for sausage. 

paper pizza box valentine

Place your finished pizza inside the box. 

12. Next let's work on the top of the pizza box. Cut out a piece of red plaid patterned paper 3 3/4" x 4. Adhere it to the top of the box. 

13. Next dig through your alphabet stickers and to find what you need to make the sentiment on top of the box. You can use whatever you have - stickers, stamps, diecuts, or you can just print the words on strips of cardstock on your home printer. The key is to make the word pizza stand out. 

This is a great little box for a pizza gift card. Place the gift card under the pizza inside the box or use a dab of glue to affix it to the inside top of the pizza box. 

heart shaped valentine pizza box

I hope you enjoyed making this pizza valentine card with me. I can't wait to see what other toppings you all come up with.

Happy Crafting! 


design team member michelle price

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  • Brenda Cox

    Thanks I love this. Can’t wait to make with my grandchildren

  • Juanita

    You have some great tutorials! I love the pizza box. So cute, thank you!

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