Themed Table Sets DIY Party Decor

Hi! Annie from OnceUponAPartyDoha here! I love adding customized touches to all aspects of my party décor. DIY party decor gives a unique touch to the party.

One of my most favorite party supply items to make is themed plate sets.  These plate sets are not only functional, but they double up as décor on the kids tables by adding the just the right amount of colour and design elements. You won't even need a table centerpiece, just use cardstock you already have on hand. 

llama party place settings

What makes them even more special is that each one is unique and customized to the party theme, I sometimes even add the child’s name, definitely not something you can buy ready made at the shops!

I like to start off by choosing the colour scheme based on the party theme and also incorporate some design elements from the theme. I either use a standard shape I have designed for the cutlery and napkin holder or sometimes I use elements from the theme to create a one of a kind design for the napkin holders. Here is a selection of some of my favourite pieces from over the years.

candyland themed party decor

For this candyland theme, I made a candy shoppe front complete with the window awning! 

picnic partry themed decor

Please don’t miss the little ants cut from black cardstock that were part of the design in this picnic theme party.

llama themed party decor made with paper

I love the bright colours on the llama fiesta party.

circus themed party decor diy

Do you like my big top tent for this circus theme party? Specialty papers like foil cardstock and glitter cardstock make this special! 

monkey themed first birthday party decor
I love it when I get a chance to work on new themes like this go bananas first birthday! For this project I used the print, then cut feature on high quality smooth cardstock to make the monkeys in multiples.
duck themed party decor
Believe it or not, I made over 200 bubbles for this set of rubber duckie party!

Hopefully this inspires you to make your own DIY party decor for your next party. It's fun to show off your paper crafting skills and your guests will be super impressed when you say " I made that". 


guest designer annie chinoy

Love to make your own paper party decor? Check this out!

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