handmade card using timberluxe wood grain cardstock

Timberluxe Wood Paper

We love really unique specialty papers and do our best to find them all and put them in our cardstock shop. In fact, we're a little obsessed with it!

card made with timberluxe wood paper

Timberluxe Real Wood Cardstock

One of our latest finds is Timberluxe Real Wood Cardstock. It's created by slicing a super thin slice of wood off of a log and applying a paper backing to it. It can be used like cardstock, but it's real wood! 

We love this for cake toppers and card backgrounds because it adds so much interest to projects. 

timberluxe wood paper on a handmade card

How does Timberluxe cut on a Cricut? 

It was one of our top questions too! Timberluxe cuts great on a Cricut Maker. I used the heavyweight cardstock setting with the pressure bumped up to more and double cut. It did great, even on smaller cuts. And you can also cut it with metal dies too. 

Right now Timberluxe is available in two colors, Birch and Cherry. 

More Wood Grain Cardstock Options

In addition to Timberluxe, we have two other options for you if you love the wood grain cardstock look: American Crafts Balsa Wood Paper and American Crafts Embossed Wood Grain Cardstock.

american crafts balsa wood paper

American Crafts Balsa Wood Paper

This is also real wood paper! American Crafts Balsa Wood paper is made from balsa wood and has a stronger grain pattern than Timberluxe, but is otherwise very similar. It comes in five colors including two options for a trendy grey washed wood. 

using wood paper to make handmade cards

With so many color options, the balsa wood paper is fun to cut into strips and mix and match for cool backgrounds. We've got several more ideas for using wood paper here. 

American Crafts Balsa Wood Paper also cuts on a Cricut Maker and with metal dies.  

american crafts wood grain embossed cardstock

American Crafts Embossed Wood Grain Paper

This is not real wood paper, but it's a super affordable option if you want the wood grain look with a little more flexibility. American Crafts Embossed Wood Grain comes in five colors including a white embossed wood grain paper (which I love).

handmade card featuring wood grain paper

This embossed wood grain can be inked with lighter or darker ink to make the texture stand out more and it looks beautiful on both vintage looking cards and paired with elegant papers like foil and glitter. 

real wood paper options

So there you have it! If you love wood grain cardstock we've got three beautiful options for you. And as a bonus, we carry several wood grain printed patterned papers as well. 

What will you make with wood grain paper? 

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