Barbie Inspired Party Favor

Barbie crafts are everywhere on Pinterest right now and I bet Barbie themed parties will be trending for the rest of the year. 

barbie party favor

Today I thought it would be fun to make a Barbie inspired party favor. I did make a free Barbie SVG file you can download HERE if you are a Cricut or Silhouette user, but if you don't have a cutting machine, no worries. You can still make this! 

barbie themed party favor


barbie candy bar holder

To get started, download and cut the SVG file or cut your cardstock as follows...

1. Cut your piece of pink cardstock 9 1/2"x 8". With the piece positioned with the 9 1/2" side across the top, score at 1/2", 4 1/2", 5" and 9".

2. Cut a piece of patterned paper 7" x 10" 

3. Cut a scrap piece of cardstock 3"x4"

4. Cut a piece of craft plastic 3 1/2" x 4 1/2".

To assemble your Barbie party favor...

barbie inspired party favor

 1. Fold along score lines. On the inside of one of the wider panels, lay your 3"x4" scrap down and trace it. Position about an 1 1/4" from the top of the larger piece. Use a paper cutter to cut out the window from the front of the package. 

creating a barbie themed party favor

2. Adhere craft plastic on the inside of the package. Use glue sparingly so it does not smoosh out the front sides of the window.

barbie inspired party favor

3. The ribbon or lace is fed around the candy bar to hold it in place. Wrap it around the bar long ways, with the top ribbon open. 

Barbie Candy Holder

4. Next wrap the patterned paper around the candy bar tightly, leaving the ribbon inside. Overlap the patterned paper edges around the bar and adhere. 

5. Cut out a Barbie silhouette. Print and trace off the internet or use a sticker. The Barbie is adhered to the front of the patterned paper wrapped candy bar. To get it lined up within the window, place if face down on the window with adhesive on it, then line up your wrapped candy bar and press down. 

Note: As an alternative you could use actual pictures of each party guest.

6. Punch holes in the top front and back of the box about 1/2" from the top. 

Barbie Candy Holder

7. Overlap the long edges of the box and secure with adhesive to form the box. Your box has no top and no bottom. 

Barbie Inspired Candy Holder

7. Slide your wrapped candy inside the box and thread the ribbons trough the holes from the inside to outside and tie in a bow. This keeps the candy bar from falling out the bottom. 

barbie candy holder

8. Punch a yellow circle or medallion shape from yellow cardstock and adhere it to the front of your box as shown in the picture. Use letter stickers or cut out letters of your party guest's name to dress up the box. 

best pink cardstock for barbie

Bonus Tip: If you need help choosing the right color of pink cardstock for Barbie crafts, here are a few of my favorites...


designer michelle price

Here's another project that would be perfect for a Barbie party. 


  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    The font for the name is Lobster.

  • Kathy Gamble

    Very cute! What font did you use for the name?

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