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Best Supplies For Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting


Annie here from Once Upon A Party Doha! I am often asked for recommendations on the best supplies for scrapbooking and paper crafting. People want to know what the best tools of the trade are that can make your handmade paper projects look professional and stand out from the crowd. And also the ones you cannot live and craft without. Here are some of the tools that are my absolute must-haves!

Best Supplies for Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting

where to buy high quality cardstock

1. Choose High Quality Cardstock

Most importantly are my cutting machines (Cricut) and quality cardstock. That’s right - high quality cardstock is a very important tool in this business. The cardstock at 12x12 Cardstock Shop has all been chosen based on quality and you really can't go wrong with anything in their shop, wether it's textured cardstock, smooth cardstock or even pearlescent cardstock you prefer to work with. 

Good quality cardstock has solid color core so you don't get white edges when it's torn or cut. And it bends nicely without cracking when folded (though some heavier weight cardstock 100# or more will still crack due to the thicker paper).

self healing mat is an essential tool for paper crafters

2. Use A Self-Healing Mat to Protect Your Work Space

Although mine has seen better days, as you can see from the picture, it is well loved and used. It is a craft tool that I have had since day one of my crafting journey and an item that gets used on a daily basis. I use it as my work surface for every project. It helps keep everything contained. It is a must as a surface to use with my craft knives and also when I use my hot glue gun.

a scoring mat works great with high quality cardstock

3. Use a Scoring Board To Get Crisp Folds

I have a large 12”x12” scoring board that I love, but I recently got a mini one for smaller cuts and absolutely love it too. It is a must have product for paper crafters to get neat and crisp fold lines. If you don’t have or use an electronic cutting machine then this can be your best friend for a lot of projects.

bearly art glue

4. Only Use Quality Adhesive

If you are making paper crafts to sell or display, the worst thing that cab happen is for your project to come apart. High quality adhesive for paper is so essential. I like to use Bearly Arts Precision Glue because it goes on wet so I have a few seconds to adjust things before it dries hard. And once dry, it holds things together tightly. I also really love the precision glue tip for adhering tiny details. 


non-stick scissors are one of the best supplies for scrapbooking

5. Non-Stick Scissors Will Change Your Life

Get these now and thank me later! I would always struggle with keeping my scissors sharp and clean especially when using double sided foam tape. These non-stick titanium scissors have been a game changer! I’ve been using this pair for over a year now and have not touched any of my other scissors since!


flower shaping tools are essential for making paper flowers

6. Get Paper Sculpting Tools If You Want To Make Paper Flowers

Paper sculpting tools have been a game changer for my paper flowers and leaf accents. You can mold, shape, crease and fold cardstock for paper flowers for more realistic looking blooms. I use these to add depth and dimension to non-floral accents too and once again, these are one of my most used tools on a daily basis.


tools for paper peicing

7. Collect Tools For Small Paper Pieces

A sticky wax stick, sharp craft knife, and reverse action tweezers are all key. If your work involves tiny paper details or small embellishments, these tools will be your saviors! From tiny jeweled embellishments to small paper craft details, these are a must-have for any crafter.

xyron sticker maker adhesive for paper details

8. Use A Sticker Maker To Adhere Small Paper Pieces

This sticker maker by Xyron doesn't seen like a big deal, but it is. I have the bigger sticker maker as well. But this tiny one is so much more convenient for providing edge to edge adhesive on small, intricate paper embellishments.

embossing folders to use with 12x12 cardstock

9. Start Your Embossing Folder Obsession

I feel like embossing folders should come with a disclaimer: Purchase these at your own risk – Highly addictive product! These have become a slight obsession for me and are the first things I look for when at a new craft store to see if they have a design I may not already have. These are so versatile and instantly transform any project. They add texture to your cardstock and I find it helps me use more of my cardstock stash when I can add a cool texture.


best tools for card making include a corner chomper

10. Round Out Your Supplies With a Corner Chomper

I love using a corner rounding punch to round off corners of my business cards or even bunting banner flags as it provides a smooth even finish to the projects. This one even has a notch option that’s great for paper bows. 

I hope this is helpful. In my opinion these are the best tools for paper crafters and if you grab these as a beginner scrapbooker, card maker or paper flower maker, you'll instantly be ahead of the game.


12x12 cardstock shop design team member annie chinoy

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