Diamond Fold Fun Fold Card

Diamond Fold Fun Fold Card Tutorial

diamond fold card

Hello! Kate here! In my endless search for "Fun Fold cards", I came across several Diamond Fold cards, but they were very intricate. I was afraid that the recipient wouldn't quite get it and would not appreciate all the work I put into it.

Come with me as I show you a quick Diamond Fold card that you can make in no time flat! And this card still fits in an A2 envelope!

how tp make a diamond fold card

To Assemble Card Base:

1. Cut cardstock to 4-1/4 x 9-3/4 inches (I used Bazzill Smoothies in Ocean Breeze).

2. Score this card base at 5-1/2 inches.

how to make a diamond fold card

3. Mark above and below the score line at 2-1/8 inches with a faint pencil line.

how to make a diamond fold card

4. Connect these faint marks by scoring diagonally from opposite marks to create an X in the center of the card

diamond fold card tutorial

5. Push in at score lines to create a pointed shape when folded.

diamond fold fun fold card

Now you just need to make the top part a diamond by measuring 2 1/8 inches on top and sides and trimming off the corners

fun fold card tutorial instructions

Finishing the card:

1. Cut a piece 4 x 5-1/2 inches ( I used Bazzill Smoothies in Coconut Swirl).

2. Mark at 2 inches along the top (essentially the halfway mark) and then mark at 2" down on either side (you are forming a triangle). Following the example above on the right, cut from each side mark to the center mark to create a pointed end insert for the inside of your card.

fun fold card tutorial instructions

3. You will also need a white square measuring 2 3/4 x 2 3/4 inches for the inside of the card (the underside of the main diamond) and a piece of 2-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches patterned paper to decorate the outside diamond.

In addition, cut a 1 x 4 inch patterned paper for the edge of the white insert. This will show when the card is folded. 

completed fun fold diamond card

Bonus Tip: 

I love finding a patterned paper that you can use as a background piece, or fussy cut out the images.  This FAMILY TREE patterned paper is perfect for fall cards or you can use the blue and green trees for an everyday card.

Love fun fold card tutorials? Try an interlocking gate fold card.


  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Steps 2 and 3 show this part of the project. You mark 2 1/8" above and below the score line on both sides, then draw an x from above the fold line, to below the fold line on the opposite side. And repeat for the other line. This essentially creates an x over the score line as seen in the photo below step 3.

  • Jana

    I don’t understand the part about marking at 2 1/8 to make a diamond. I don’t see the results of this in the photo. Maybe it’s just me.

  • Roxann

    Cool new idea to try. Thank you for this tutorial! Great card. Even for guys. And you can use this design for so many various occasions 🥰

  • Charlene

    I absolutely love this I’m always looking for something different to tell about pictures on a scrapbook page. You can use it for any layout

  • Cindy

    What size envelope does this fit?

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