Handmade Small Box for Gift Cards or Treats (No Dies Required)

Handmade Small Box for Gift Cards or Treats (No Dies Required)

We're so thrilled to have Susan Babcock here this week as a guest designer! Go folIow her on Instagram top keep up with all of her beautiful creations. 

handmade gift card box for fall

I like to make small gift boxes to hold a gift card and candy to give as hostess gifts. A special paper, like the faux leather cardstock makes a fancy looking box. Today I'm here to teach you how to make one of these boxes (no dies required). Once I made the box, I finished it with some diecuts and a sentiment. 


how to make a small gift box without dies

Let's start with the Small Box Template (Lines drawn on kraft cardstock just for easier viewing)

1. Cut the 12x12 leather cardstock down to 8.5” x 11”. On the 11” side score at 2”, 4 ½”, 6 ½ “, and 9”.

2. On the 8 ½” side score at 2” and 6 ½ “. Fold on all the score lines.

how to make a small box from paper

3. On the 11” side, cut on each score line up to the first horizontal score line. I cut a small wedge off each side of the square tabs (marked with an x above). These tabs will not be seen on the finished box and cutting off a small wedge will help the sides look neater but this is optional.

4. Repeat on the opposite side.

instructions for making a small paper box

5. On the 11’ side, place glue on the first 2 square tabs (marked with an x in the photo). Glue the tabs together as shown above, this will start to form the box. The rectangular tab will be placed on top, and be the outside of the box. Repeat on the opposite side.

how to make a paper box

6. These last 2 sections will form the attached lid of the box. Place glue on the outside of the last 2 squares and adhere to the rectangle (just as you did for the bottom of the box).

tutorial for making a small paper box

The rectangle will show on the outside of the box. Now you can close the box (similar to a bakery box).

7. Diecut the desired shapes from the Pop-Tone Variety Pack. I inked the edges of the diecuts to add dimension and splattered a little gold paint, this is optional.

8. Diecut the “thanks” once from metallic cardstock, 2x from scrap cardstock. Glue together with the metallic “thanks” on top. This adds a bit of dimension to your diecut.

how to make a paper box for a gift card

9. Arrange and adhere as desired.

-Susan Babcock
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    Did not know you had faux leather card stock. YEAH.

  • Emma Sleppy

    Great box and directions!!! Beautiful leaves!!!!

  • Ginger

    I can’t wait to makes these for placemats setting for Thanksgiving and a fell bridal shower.

  • Lynn Price

    Susan, this is adorable! Will be trying this for sure! Best, Lynn Price

  • Dee Ahonen

    Very clever! I like the faux leather paper as the box. Adds another layer of interest & texture.

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