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Holiday Paper Bows and Ornaments

red paper present bows

Annie from OnceUponA PartyDoha here to share a paper bow and ornament tutorial. I love making these paper ornaments as they do not require the use of any fancy cutting machines, they double up as wonderful paper bows for gift boxes and last but not least, they can use up scraps of paper. I hate throwing away scraps of beautiful specialty printed paper and these make perfect use of fancy papers. 


what to do with paper scraps

How to make holiday paper bows and ornaments

Cut cardstock into strips. I have used 2cm (.75") wide and 30cm (11.75") long strips of paper. You can keep the length shorter for smaller size ornaments.

how to make paper ornaments

Fold each strip into a loop and glue at the center. Glue the center of the loop from the inside too to create a double headed loop, where the center is glued together and both ends have a loop.

how to make paper ornaments

Stagger and glue each loop onto each other. Add more loops to create a fuller shape to the ornament. Add string to tie onto the tree. I love that these can be customized to any colour scheme, and you can vary the sizes to add more dimension to your décor.

Pink present paper bow tutorial

These double up as amazing paper bows for gift boxes as well. For a different look, you can add single paper strips to the bottom of the bow that have the ends cut fancy. Wrap your presents in style this holiday season! 


Annie Chinoy Design Team

Here's another fun idea for gift packaging! 


  • Diana

    Love this! Can’t wait to try it! Does it work better with lightweight cardstock, medium, or heavy?

  • Marie

    Great ideal. I going to start cutting.
    thank you

  • Christy Kilburn

    What a fantastic idea!! Those are beautiful!

  • Loretta Diehl

    I can’t wait to make some of these. I save all my scraps, so I have plenty to use. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cathy Mac

    Genius! Thank you for sharing love it

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