How to Shape Paper Flower Petals

Design Team Member Monica here today to share a paper flower tutorial with you. I'll be teaching how to shape paper flower petals. I've made so many paper flowers and I have a few flower making tips to share with you that will make the process easier. 
For this tutorial I am using a handmade flower SVG file from Ana Dantas found here in Design Space. This is a free flower file, so anyone can access it, however these same flower making techniques apply to almost any design. 
supplies for paper flower making
paper flower making supplies

Knowing what tools you need for paper flowers is important. If you are making paper flowers, I recommend getting a Ball Head Tool used for shaping fondant (found at most craft stores) and a stock of wood skewers. 

How to Shape Paper Flower Petals

how to shape paper flower petals

1. Cut out all of the pieces for your flowers. 

making rolled flowers
how to roll paper flower petals

2. Using a skewer stick, roll up the petals. It’s easier to roll small folds into each petal and you can use the stick over and over again. 

how to roll paper flowers

3. To make the flower pop more, use the Ball Head Tool in the center of the flower. You can use a mousepad or a microfiber cloth under the petals, so when you use the tool, the petals will rise up.

how to make a flower center

4. Repeat the same process for the center of the flower. Depending on the shape of your flower center, you can adapt this, but be sure and roll the center with the ball head tool. 

best glue for paper flowers

5. Adhere your flower center to the center of the flower using a good liquid adhesive. In my opinion, liquid adhesive is the best glue for paper flowers because it allows you to adjust the flower center for a few seconds before it "sets" so you can get it just right. 

how to make paper flowers

Now repeat this process and create a whole garden of paper flowers. 12x12 Cardstock Shop has more info for paper flower makers here


Monica Design Team member

Here's another fun paper flower tutorial from Monica! 

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  • Kathrine

    Thank you so much for this information! I appreciate your professional suggestions and tips… That’s helpful and saves a lot of time and looks beautiful!

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