How To Make Paper Palm Leaves

How To Make Paper Palm Leaves

Have you seen the super trendy paper palm leaf crafts all over Pinterest? We sure have and Design Team Member Monica is here today to share with you a paper palm leaf tutorial including a free paper palm leaf template you can download and print. 

how to make a paper palm leaf cake topper

If you are unfamiliar with the paper palm leaf trend, they are popping up on paper cake toppers, DIY party decor and even placed in a vase as home decor. This is how the boho chic trend on Pinterest is showing up in the paper world. 

how to make a paper palm leaf

How to Make Paper Palm Leaves


Let's get started...

paper palm leaf template

1. Print the paper palm leaf template.

2. Cut out your template just along the edges of the blue part. The black lines are for scoring.

paper palm leaf tutorial

3. Lay the template onto your cardstock and cut out the leaf.

4. Using the template, a ruler and scoring tool and mark the lines on the cardstock piece. To do this, lay your template over the cardstock piece and place your ruler on top against a scoring line. Hold both papers down along with the ruler, and run your scoring tool along the black lines.

making a paper palm leaf

5. Remove the template. Carefully fold the lines in a zigzag (accordion) pattern, changing the direction of the fold on each score line.

paper palm leaf tutorial

6. After you have it all folded, pinch the bottom and glue the cake stick into one of the folds with a hot glue gun. Hold tightly until the glue dries.

paper palm fronds

7. Next cut a small strip of cardstock. Wrap it around the base of the pinched palm frond and adhere the ends together. The cake stick should be inside of this wrap around piece. This will hold the base of the paper palm leaf together.  And that's it!!!

how to make paper palm leaves
It's really that easy! Once you make the first one, you'll be hooked. These are really fun to add a name to for personalization too! 
paper palm leaf tutorial for paper crafters
Happy creating! 
design team member monica

Here's another fun cake topper idea!

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