Making Layered Paper Leaves

Making Layered Paper Leaves

how to make glitter leaves for paper flowers

The best way to complete a set of flowers is to fill the negative space between the flowers with floral foliage. Making layered paper leaves is one way to do this! The colors that are used can either be the same colors that have been used in the paper flowers or upgrade the leaves to metallics, textured neutrals or glitter cardstock. Using glitter cardstock makes the set richer and more sophisticated. Below are a few ways to make your leaves more intricate and how to adhere various layers.

how to make glitter leaves


Scotch Super 77 Multipurpose Spray Adhesive OR Dimensional Foam Squares

GRAPE - American Crafts Pow! Glitter Paper (top)

GRAPE - American Crafts Glitter Cardstock (middle)

GRAPE – American Crafts 12x12 Smooth Cardstock (bottom)

Cutting Machine: If you are using a cutting machine, you can find various SVGs or PNGs of skeleton leaves on Etsy. The leaves used in the following images can be found on Kaycreationsxo Etsy shop.

Scissors/Exacto knife: If you are cutting out your leaves with scissors, print out leaf templates onto cardstock to create your stencils. You may need an exacto knife to cut out the positive and negative spaces. Trace the shapes onto the back of the glitter paper and then cut.

I've made lots and lots of flowers and have a few tips to share when it comes to making leaves that are sturdy and elegant. There are two ways I achieve this look...

can of spray adhesive

Option 1: Attach the layers of the leaf with Scotch Multi-purpose Adhesive. Be sure to use this product in a well ventilated area and place scrap cardboard or paper underneath to protect your working surface.

making glitter leaves for your paper flowers

Using this type of adhesive avoids glue spillage and smudges.

making layered leaves for paper flowers

Option 2: Add more dimension to your leaf using 3d Foam Squares. The foam squares are sticky on both sides and can be cut to smaller sizes to fit in narrow spaces.

making layered leaves for paper flowers

I know making paper leaves often seems like an afterthought thought when making a set of flowers, but they can really add to the project when you spend a few extra minutes on them. 


Design Team Member Kathleen


  • Jerry

    Kathleen. HELP. I am a novice at paper flowers but have almost a year to work on it. Bride is of Korean descent. Suggestions for templates?

  • Jerry

    Kathleen. Will be hosting and catering a wedding in June’2023 for friends. Expect 70 guests. We have a 3 acre pond and a 24 × 36 pavilion. She wants to get married on the dam. Will use an arbor decorated with paper flowers as well as paper flowers in the pavilion to be used for dancing.

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