Mother's Day

Mother's Day

As the newest member of the 12x12 Cardstock Shop family; and a self confessed crafting addict - I can think of no better moment to introduce myself to you as a writer, crafter & English Mum of two, than Mother's Day. 

At this time of year, as the cold mornings begin to brighten and Mother's Day peeps over the horizon with the spring flowers; my thoughts will always be laced with nostalgic memories of childhood afternoons spent happily crafting in the kitchen. Daffodils sculpted from egg boxes and pasted to the front of vividly colored cards all tied up with ribbons of yellow and white; crumpling paper vases laden with flowers haphazardly pulled from the garden; and page upon page of lovingly doodled messages to Mum. 

The sentiment behind this annual celebration of motherhood will stand the test of time as one generation blends into the next. The crafting opportunities though, the technology - and the sheer volume of information available has grown beyond anything I could ever have imagined as I glued googley eyes onto painted bunnies in my childhood home all those years ago.

Internet crafting has gained so much steam over the last ten years that you only have to hover within Google for a few moments to gain a thousand answers to any of a billion crafting queries that might be floating around the mind of a shiny new, enthusiastically unsure home artist. Even a crafting info-junkie like me will find myself overwhelmed; awash with the copious quantities available at our fingertips.  

On meeting Lynette at the 12x12 Cardstock Shop, an extensive technical knowledge was undoubtedly clear; and yet moreover I was taken back to the simplicity of a time when you relied upon a small amount of great people for a thorough, personal and individualized experience. The 12x12 family know their stuff. They can answer any question, or else they know who to trust with the answer. No 'FAQ automated answers', no commission-driven sales guys. 

Just Lynette, and her passion for her store. 

Scrapbookers, card makers, die cutters, paper crafters; we are all in love with creating moments. Documenting memories; sending a message; creating something new. It is a romantic world in a technical era. Mother's Day reminds us of the simplicity of sending a personal message. Simple and unique - not always perfectly elegant  - but always offered with love. 

As we all embrace the ever-advancing and excitingly technical world in front of us; we can hold on to the simplicity that started with our crayon boxes, to creating personal messages and making real memories with companies like 12x12 Cardstock Shop blending the two worlds as if they had always belonged side by side. 

However you’re spending Mother’s Day this year, I hope you enjoy recounting old memories - creating new ones - and all of the crafting opportunities that come hand-in-hand with each. 

Happy Mother's Day, and happy crafting!



  • Sara Felix

    That looks great.

  • rachelle taysom

    Looking good!!

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