Where to Donate Handmade Cards for Charity

Where to Donate Handmade Cards for Charity

where to donate cards for charity

Design Team Member Kate here with a different kind of post than my usual project tutorials.

So you like to make cards...you are making so many cards that you have more than you can send to friends and family...how about putting your mini masterpieces to good use? I've compiled a list of where to donate handmade cards for you!

There are so many charities looking for handmade cards to brighten someone's day. Some ask you to write a simple message, others require them to be blank on the inside. Some ask for envelopes, others prefer none. Please check with the respective websites for their requests.

stack of handmade cards to donate to charity

Where to Donate Handmade Cards 

There are also several Facebook groups you can join to send individual cards to people who need some good vibes

Stamp Company Card Drives

Where to donate handmade cards for charity

I have donated thousands of cards to charity over the last 5 years. Even if I don't think my card is my best work, I know someone else will enjoy it. It also justifies all my spending on craft supplies! Don't want the expense of mailing these cards? See if your local senior center/nursing home would like some cards to give out to residents or for residents to use to send to their family.

There you have it! Now you have EVEN more of a reason to create handmade cards since you know where to donate cards you make. 

pin image where to donate handmade cards

Do you have any other places you know of? Leave them in the comments and we'll add to this list! 


Design Team Member Kate Deignan

Make 34 cards with a 6x6 Paper Pad!


  • Francine Needham

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this list!!! This is EXACTLY what I needed- both literally and in a sappy way 😊 THANK YOU! I am going to make and send so many cards!!!

  • 12x12 Cardstock Shop

    Hi Linda! Please check out our list above and click on any of the companies listed to get instructions for donating.

  • Linda Booth

    I have loads of cards I would love to donate can someone contact me about collecting them please.

  • Lori Kobular

    Hi Kate! I run a Card Auction every February for the Turner Syndrome Foundation in New Jersey on Instagram and I am always looking for Card Donations for the auction. Cards that don’t get sold are used to send out to Turner Syndrome Families. I have a face book page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2256888467901178 it is called Turner Syndrome Awareness Card Auction. Anyone who is interested in donating their hand made cards can ask to join that group or contact me through email at: mulchlady6@gmail.com. The Turner Syndrome Foundation is a non-profit organization that has educational programs for doctors and families dealing with Turner Syndrome. TS is a genetic disorder where a female is born missing her second X chromosome leaving her with lifelong medical issues, some learning disabilities and some social issues.

  • Melanie Turnage

    Thank you for compiling this list and putting this info together. This article is just what I’ve been looking for. As Admin to a small Happy Mail Exchange Facebook group, I can now offer up this information to our Members who are interested in providing cards for those who could use a little lift in their day. Thank you 🙏

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