Wise Words for Teens and Tweens

As I was thinking of what to make for a back to school project, I decided to do something for the teens and tweens since we usually do something for the younger kids.

Teen life can be hard when they are facing so many changes with their bodies and wanting to fit in with their friends at school. Let's face it, most teens don't want to listen to their parents either. LOL So these little thoughts scattered around the house will remind them of the things they need to do and learn to become responsible adults.

Whether you home school or your kids go to public or private school send your teen's and tween's back to school with some positive messages to read everyday as they are going and coming and while they are at school. They WILL read them and they just might sink in! 

Make as many as you want, You can replace them with new ones throughout the school year. I think the quotes are great for mom and dad too! I know I love them and you just never know when the quote they read will be the very thing they needed to hear that very moment.

 You can put magnets on the back to use in their lockers.

Here are some of the quotes I found on Pinterest and used. There are hundreds to choose from.


 Download "Wise Words" Instructions and Supply List

 Download "Wise Words" Explainer Card


  • Hi Laurie, There is instructions on the FREE instructions and supply list at bottom of post. Just click on it and it will download to your computer.

    Lynette Southwick
  • Hi Laurie, I will work on getting a pattern posted for the pockets.

    Lynette Southwick
  • Do you have any info on how to make the paper containers for the notes? They are so cute and I would love to make these!
    Thank you so much!

  • This is a great idea! I have notes and quotes all about the house but I did not make them pretty. I hope lots of people take note of this wise idea to build up each other :)


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