how to make a woven strips card

Woven Cardstock Strips Handmade Card Idea

You know Design Team member Kate is obsessed with paper strips cards! In fact, she was the first to introduce us to this cardstock strips idea several years ago. Today she's back again with another idea for a handmade card using paper strips.

how to make a woven card with cardstock strips

This concept is so simple it doesn't really need a tutorial. Similar to the way we learned to weave in elementary school, you lay out several strips parallel to each other (going the same direction). Let's call these the base strips.

how to make a woven strips handmade card

Next, you begin weaving a different colored strip through those base strips. Go under the first base strip, over the next one, under the next base strip and so forth. Grab your next strip and do the same thing, but start opposite of where you did with the first strip. Instead of going under the first base strip, this time go over the first base strip.

How to make a handmade card with woven cardstock strips

Continue adding strips until you reach your desired size.

Tips from Kate for Making Woven Cardstock Strip Cards

  • It helped me to use my acrylic blocks to hold the ends of the base strips while I was "weaving".
  • I wove first and then flipped over the woven item and used Bearly Arts glue on the back to adhere the strips to the card.
  • For a fun alternate idea, you can make the strips a bit askew and loosely woven, like in the glitter present card below.
woven cardstock strips handmade card
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Design Team Kate Deignan

Here's another idea for using cardstock strips on handmade cards!


  • Cynthia

    Love this idea for a man’s birthday card!

  • Gayle Wilson

    What a simple, lovely design idea! Love them! :)

  • Diane Pinkston

    Thanks for sharing your nice ideas!

  • Cheryl Morris

    Love this idea of strips. Thanks.

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