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Making handmade cards is a big trend right now and there are numerous social media communities focused on handmade card ideas. One of the requests we see again and again in those groups is for help with ideas for handmade cards for teens. It seems parents and grandparents are often stumped on making cards for teens who have moved beyond the childhood years. 

But don't worry! We've got a roundup of our favorite ideas for teen cards that you can incorporate today! You likely have the necessary supplies already in your stash and if not, we have just what you need. 

Ideas for Handmade Cards for Teens

Use large diecut letters on cards for teens

1. Use large letters on handmade cards for teens

Taking up the entire card with big, bold letters makes for a simple card that gets the message across loud and clear. Use just a few pieces of cardstock or patterned paper and very few embellishments. Because this is not a super layered card, it's great for mailing!

For added wow factor, use a holographic paper like Mirri Lava or a pearlescent paper like Neenah Stardream.

taco shaped handmade card for teens

2. Make shaped cards for teens

Choose a hobby that interests your teen and make a shaped card around that topic. There are tons of shaped cards in both Cricut and Silhouette design stores and lots of manufacturers make shaped card dies.

shaped number card for teens

For a fun twist, make a shaped card using the teens name, or age! 

trendy icons for handmade cards for teens

3. Use specialty papers + trendy icons for cool handmade cards

12x12 Cardstock Shop carries the coolest specialty papers! Choose a trendy icon and die cut it out of unique papers for major WOW factor. Check out our selection of holographic and mylar papers for this!

Tip: The graphic tees at shops like Urban Outfitters and Old Navy are a great way to figure out what's trendy.

handmade card using mylar paper

Even basic shapes like circles are cool when they are cut from unique papers! The card above uses Mylar paper in multiple colors. 

handmade shaker cards

4.  Make handmade shaker cards for teens

Shaker cards are just SUPER impressive and they're not actually that hard to make. We shared how to make a shaped shaker in this blog post, but you can make it even easier by choosing a square shaker card like designer Kate Deignan did above.

Cover your shaker elements with one of our printed acetate papers or transparent mylar papers.

handmade card featuring neon glitter paper

5. Use neon cardstock for handmade teen cards

Bold and bright is always in style and one way to make your cards POP is to use neon colors!

handmade card featuring neon glitter paper

We actually carry several colors of neon glitter paper used on the cards above.

handmade card with die cut pizza

BONUS: Make food your focus on handmade cards for teens

I had to add just one additional idea! 

If you've lived with a teenage boy, then you know how important food is in their world. Food themed cards will always hit the spot!

For a fun gift idea, pair the food themed card with a fast food gift card. Tuck a Little Caesars gift card into a pizza themed card, or a Taco Bell gift card into a taco themed card.

handmade card for teens
Food puns and food themed cards are a hit with the teen crowd!
So there you have it! Next time you need an idea for a handmade card for a teen, head back to this post for lots of ideas! And if you have your own ideas, share with us in the comments! 

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