Tons of Handmade Valentine Card Ideas

Tons of Handmade Valentine Card Ideas

There's not much that says I love you more than a handmade Valentine card and at 12x12 Cardstock Shop we have all the inspiration you need! The Design Team is always hard at work and we've pulled some of their top ideas for DIY Valentine cards with a handmade vibe! 

Get ready to feel the love and run to your craft room to start making! 

Handmade Valentine Ideas Using Cardstock

diy valentine pinata hearts

Paper Pinata Classroom Valentine Cards

This clever idea is great for a DIY classroom Valentine treat. If you are making multiples, simplify the process and just do two colors of cardstock and make an ombre heart. 

shaped heart card

Shaped Heart Valentine Card

A paper heart is dressed up in this simple DIY valentine card idea. Use your Cricut Pen Tool to draw on your sentiment and the work is done for you. 

handmade valentine card with pink and red glitter scrapbook paper

Heartbeat Glitter Valentine's Day Card

This die-cut heart card is a great Valentine's project for Cricut users. The die-cut lace, red glitter, and retro lettering really gives this handmade Valentine's day card a vintage charm! Plus - the Heartbeat Glitter scrapbook paper just steals the show. 

Rainbow Heart Handmade Valentine Card

Rainbow Valentine Handmade Card

Think outside the box and choose basic die cut shapes, but cut them in pink and red and add heart sprinkles or stickers. Sometimes just using valentine scrapbook paper with basic shapes is all you need for a handmade valentine card.  

Mini pizza box handmade Valentines Day card

Valentines Pizza Box Gift Card Holder

Speaking of "outside the box", check out this adorable pizza box gift card holder! Gift cards aren't the most personal gift, but this simple Valentine's Day craft elevates them into something truly special!

Die Cut Valentine's Day Card

Die Cut Valentine's Day Card

This Valentine's Day card idea makes use of metal dies. Combined with foam heart stickers and patterned paper, this lovely Valentine really pops, and it's so easy you can make multiples for everyone on your list, or a whole a classroom of kiddos. 


Handmade Valentine's Day card with a cartoon mailbox and polka dot fringe.

Doodle-Pop Valentine's Day Card

 We can't always be with our loved ones on Valentine's Day. This adorable handmade Valentine's Day card is the perfect way to send your love, no matter how far away you are! The central element of this card is an adorable Doodle-Pop Dimensional sticker. Shop our collection of Doodle-Pop Dimensional stickers

Minimalist die cut valentine's day card

Split Sentiment Valentine

Looking for a more minimalist handmade valentine? Look no further than this split sentiment card! This handmade Valentine's day Card makes clever use of metal dies to create a simple yet chic design. And chances are, you have all the supplies you need to make this already in your craft room. 


heart patterned paper Valentine's Day card with large lettering

Love Glitter Inlay Card

There's that Heartbeat Glitter paper again! Just like the last card, this handmade Valentine's Day card features die cut letters. The glitter and patterned paper really makes them pop! Mix and match paper textures when using dies and you'll have a winning combination. 


Woodgrain Valentine's Day Card

Woodgrain Valentine's Day Card

This dimensional Valentine's Day card is to die for! The wood grain paper lays a visually compelling foundation for the die cut elements and text. We've got actual real wood paper in the shop and the mix of woodgrain and red cardstock is so classic. 


Die cut Valentine's Day card with ribbon

Valentine's Day Ribbon Card

This die cut Valentine card idea is just too cute! Use ribbon, twine, and some fun red rhinestones to make this handmade Valentine's Day card really stand out.


Handmade envelop card for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Envelope Card

The 12x12 Cardstock Shop specialty papers are great for handmade valentines. The gold foil behind the lettering and the red glittery heart really make this DIY Valentine's Day card shine!


Stamped valentine card

Switched Shape Stamp Card

This isn't technically a Valentine's Day card, but it radiates love just the same! All you'd need to do to make this a beautiful stamped Valentine's Day card is swap out the sentiment. Click over to this paper craft tutorial and learn how to make these switched shape cards. 


Breakfast themed valentine's day card

Breakfast Themed Valentine

A handmade valentine with a deliciously punny twist! This quirky valentine's day card is perfect for a valentine who's anything but average. 


Floral watercolor Valentine's Day Card

Floral Valentine's Day Card

Skip the roses and make this one-of-a-kind Valentine instead! This Valentine's Day card idea is great for those with an artistic spirit. Our Neenah Solar White cardstock is a great base for any inky Valentine's Day designs.


Purple handmade Valentine's Day card

Purple Foil Valentine's Day Card

If purple isn't the first color that comes to mind when thinking about Valentine's Day, this card will change your mind! Our foil hearts patterned paper is a must have for handmade Valentines.

Valentine's Day shimmer envelopes

Don't Forget The Red And Pink Envelopes

No card is complete without a pretty envelope! Check out our full collection of handmade card envelopes over at 12x12 Cardstock Shop.

There you have it! Whether your loved ones are near or far this year, a handmade Valentine's Day card is the perfect way to say "I love you". We hope you're feeling inspired and ready to make some DIY valentines. For more Valentine's Day craft ideas visit the 12x12 Cardstock Shop Blog. Happy crafting!

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