Milk Carton Gift Card Holder

Milk Carton Gift Card Holder

milk carton gift card holder

Hi everyone, it’s April from Lilacpeaches Handmade.

As we’re in the thick of the holiday season, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with finding the perfect gifts. A lot of times we opt to give out gift cards, and these milk carton boxes are perfect for you to add a special touch to your gift!

The Milk Carton Box template I used is from Nilmara Quintero on Etsy. The template is blank, so you’ll be able to customize these adorable boxes to fit YOUR style!

how to make a paper milk carton


Assembling Process:

I like to assemble my embellishments first so that they’re ready to go once the main item is assembled. For this project, I used the Sizzix Texture Boutique to emboss my layer of Avalanche cardstock. I used a playful Christmas tree and added a little bit of fun with the gold foil and red mirri lava paper to glam it up. You can find the Christmas cut file in Cricut Design Space (Christmas Tree # M4305A0A8).

Milk Carton Gift Card Holder

You can use whatever images you’d like for a cute custom touch! Once you have your Milk Carton base cut out, crease outward along your cut lines so that all your flaps are facing away from you. This makes it easier to maneuver the box for assembling.

milk carton gift card holder

Once all your flaps have been creased, take the clothespin and clamp the top of your milk carton (the flaps with the two circles) together.

assembling a milk carton  file

Tuck the top of the carton flap that has the three triangle in, and apply craft glue to the larger flap and align the flat piece over it covering the glue.

christmas paper craft - making a milk carton

Apply craft glue to the inside of the top flap and fold in to secure the hold.

making a milk carton

Turn your project upside down and fold down the larger flap shaped like a boxed “U” and fold the two sides down after it. You can choose to apply craft glue for this portion, to secure the bottom, but if you’re hesitant about which side you will use to place your gift in, you can hold off on the glue like I did.

making a milk carton from paper

Take the final flap and fold it into the box shaped “U” for closure.

making a milk carton gift card holder

Apply your embellishments to your milk carton! You can choose to decorate all four sides of your carton, or just a few. I went for a simpler look and only decorated the front. You can choose to close the top with a piece of twine, or ribbon, by tying a bow between the two top holes the same way you would a shoelace.


design team member April Gonzalez

Here's another pretty way to give a gift card!

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